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SPC Free Zone

SPC FREE ZONE is one of the latest Free Zones in UAE with its headquarters located at Al Zahia, Sharjah, by the side of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road (E 311). Though Free Zone Authority’s core licensing activities are Publishing and Printing, it issues licenses for a huge number of activities including General Trading, Consultancies, E-Commerce, IT related business etc.

The Unique Selling Point (USP) of this Free Zone is the beautiful and well-built office facilities available for lease. The captivating ambience of this free zone near to the Carrefour Mall, which is just 15 minutes’ drive from Dubai International Airport, will attract any investor who visit this Free zone.

Company Formation in SPC Free Zone

SPC Free Zone is one of the newest Free Zones in the Emirate of Sharjah. Company Formation in SPC Free Zone is hassle-free due to streamlined company formation process and the availability of inhouse immigration speed up the visa processing for the investors.

The Free Zone offers competitive business license fee starting from AED 9,000 for Zero Visa Quota. It has top-rated business infrastructural facilities for the entreprenuers to easily establish a company and scale up the business in the region. It is a perfect launchpad for startups and entrepreneurs who want to keep the business setup costs as low as possible and easily register a company and start the business operations.

All Services Under One Roof

SPC Free Zone boasts about delivering services in the shortest time from incorporation to stamping of Investor Visa on passport. Since the immigration is also located at this Free Zone itself, it takes only 7 working days to complete the whole process of company incorporation & Residency stamping of Investor.

The Free Zone caters to a wide range of business requirements of the investors by providing them infrastructure and a business friendly atmosphere to easily set their business and contribute actively to the growing UAE economy.

SPC Freezone offer exclusive state-of-the-art office spaces (furnished & unfurnished), warehouses, storage areas, & shell & Core type offices, 24/7 access to office, availability of meeting room, co-working spaces, and cafes.

The unique feature of SPC Freezone is its authority to issue DUAL LICENSE. A dual license is a combination of Freezone License and Mainland License, issued by the Freezone. In this type of License, the Freezone itself will act as the UAE Local Sponsor holding shares along with the expatriate. The owners need not go around anywhere to obtain dual license and everything is done by Freezone itself. Such dual license is ideal for businesses like general trading, e-commerce etc.

Advantages of SPC Free Zone

  •   SPC companies can be 100% owned by expatriates
  •   Availability of any number of Visas depending on the Business Activity
  •   Can employ any number of expatriate employees based on visa quota
  •   Different sizes of Office facilities available (furnished & shell and core) with top-notch facilities
  •   Availability of Dual License ( Freezone and Sharjah mainland LLC )
  •   Lowest cost Freezone at a most convenient location by the side of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road
  •   Easy opening of Bank Account

Additional Benefits for the Investors

  •   Avail Dual License Type (Mainland of Sharjah & Free Zone)
  •   No requirement for capital to establish a company
  •   Flexible banking options available with the Free Zone
  •   All immigration facilities available onsite of SPC Free Zone
  •   No corporate or Personal Income Tax Payable

Type of Company Structure Available in SPC Freezone

  •   Free Zone Establishment (FZE): Single shareholder company (Individual or corporate entity).
  •   Free Zone Company (FZC): Multiple shareholders up to 7 (Individual or corporate entity or both).
  •   Branch of a Company: Local Branch (Branch of a UAE Company) & International Branch (Branch of a Foreign Company)

Business Licenses in SPC Free Zone

The following Business License Types are available in the SPC Free Zone for the investor to choose from:

  •   Commercial License/ Import Export/Trading
  •   General Trading License
  •   Services License
  •   Ecommerce/Trading License

Different Business Packages & Lease Options Available in SPC Free Zone

  •   Publishing Co-Working License Package cost starting from AED 5,750 for 1 year (0 visa)
  •   Co-Working License Package cost starting from AED 9,000 for 1 year (0 visa)
  •   Unfurnished Office Space Package – AED 980/ Sqm yearly (Unfurnished office cost) + License Fee of AED 5,750 for 0 Visa / License Fee of AED 9,250 for 1+ Visas
  •   Furnished Office Space Package – AED 1,100 / Sqm yearly (Furnished office cost) + License Fee of AED 5,750 for 0 Visa / License Fee of AED 9,250 for 1+ Visas
  •   Open/Shell & Core Package – AED 400/ Sqm yearly + AED 5,750 License Fee (0 visa)
  •   Warehouse/Storage Package – AED 480/ Sqm yearly + AED 5,750 License Fee (0 visa)

SPC Free Zone Company Setup Cost

SPC Free Zone – Promotion Offer

Investors can avail Special September Offer from the Sharjah Publishing City for the Entrepreneur Package at AED 6,500 for a 1-year license with zero visa quota and lease agreement. The investor can choose two activities by combine any trading, services, and media activities under a single license. The deliverables include the stamped Business License and the Memorandum of Association. The company can be incorporated as a Single Shareholder company and later upgraded depending on the requirements.

SPC Free Zone also offers a 1 year license with a 2-year visa and lease agreement at AED 15,000. The investors can combine any trading, services, and media activity and choose up to two activities under a single license. The business license package also includes fees for trade license, establishment card, e-channel, change status, medical, and Emirates ID.

1. Co-Working License package


License Package Fee (AED)

Number of Visa Allocations

1 Year License

2 Year License

5 Year License

10 Year License

0 Visa

AED 8,050

AED 16,100

AED 37,375

AED 74,750

1 Visa

AED 11,743

AED 23,485

AED 54,519

AED 109,038

2 Visas

AED 12,863

AED 25,725

AED 59,719

AED 119,438

3 Visas

AED 13,983

AED 17,965

AED 64,919

AED 129,838

4 Visas

AED 15,103

AED 30,205

AED 70,119

AED 140,238

5 Visas

AED 16,223

AED 32,445

AED 75,319

AED 150,638

6 Visas

AED 17,343

AED 34,685

AED 80,519

AED 161,038

2. Office Space Packages


Rate (AED)

Number of Visa Allocations



License Fee

0 Visa


980 per annum/ sqm

AED 5,750

0 Visa


1,100 per annum/ sqm

AED 5,750

1+ Visas


980 per anum/sqm

AED 9,250

1+ Visas*


1,100 per annum/sqm

AED 9,250

*Upto 20 Visas, more than 20 Visas, a business plan required

3. Visa and Immigration Fees


Rate (AED)

Employment Visa & Emirates ID ( 2 Years Validity)

AED 3,400

Investor / Partner Visa & Emirates ID ( 2 Years Validity)

AED 3,400

Change of Status

AED 1,000

E-Channel Registration

AED 2,250

Immigration Establishment Card

AED 1,575

Documents Required to Setup Company in SPC Free Zone

To Setup a Freezone Establishment (FZE)

  •   Application form for Company Registration in SPC Free Zone
  •   Passport copy of Shareholders, Directors, and Managers
  •   Visa & Emirates ID copy of Shareholders, Directors, and Managers
  •   Proof of address of Shareholders (recent utility bill/bank statements, etc.)
  •   Passport size photograph of the Shareholder (white background)
  •   Memorandum & Article of Association
  •   Specimen signature of the proposed Manager

To Setup Branch of a Company

  •   Company Registration Form
  •   Owner Declaration document
  •   Passport copy & photograph of the Manager
  •   Proof of address of the Manager
  •   Attested Memorandum & Articles of Association of the parent company
  •   Attested Certificate of Incorporation of the parent company
  •   Attested Board Resolution and Power of Attorney of the parent company
  •   Attested business license of the parent company


Our expert team will guide you through the company formation process starting from choosing the business activity, to the right office space to the issuing of the trade license. Our PRO Agent will also assist you in Visa Processing, Emirates ID processing, and any other legal documentation requirements.

Our experts will also guide you for the corporate bank account opening and any further documents clearance required for company setup in SPC Freezone, registering for the import/export code for trading, etc.

To know more about SPC Free Zone, connect with our Expert rights away!

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