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Import Export License in UAE

Import Export License in UAE

UAE is a major trade and commerce hub of the world connecting Asia with Europe. Located at a strategic point between the two major markets, UAE is a perfect transit point for businesses to conduct global trade.

Import Export License in UAE is the most in-demand license category among foreign investors. The cost of an Import Export License in the UAE is around AED 24,683 onwards in the mainland. It includes a set of processes to enable the company to conduct international trade. To obtain an import-export license in UAE there are certain steps to be followed by the global investor.

Import Export Business License in UAE is preferred by many investors to facilitate global trade by making UAE the base. For companies to conduct trading, import, and export in UAE obtaining a trade license is the first step. A Trade License from the mainland or Free Trade Zones of UAE will enable to facilitate import-export operations for companies in the region.

How to Apply for Import Export License in UAE?

The investor must apply for a trade license from the Department of Economic Development or the respective Emirates. The newly formed company must be registered with the Chamber of Commerce and the respective Customs Department to obtain the Import-Export Code.

Only with the Import-Export Code, the trading company is allowed to conduct import-export business in UAE. The Port and Customs Approval is required for the business to operate any overseas trade operations.

There are a series of steps involved in obtaining the required approvals for import export from the UAE. The team of Expert Business Consultants at AURION will assist you in the right way to obtain the import-export license and register with the Customs Department for carrying out international trade.

What is UAE Import Export Code (IEC)?

Import Export Code (IEC) in UAE is an authorization document for investors to import and export goods to and from UAE. The Customs Code is issued by the Customs Department of the Emirate where the company is registered.

It is a mandatory document for conducting global import-export business operations from UAE. The company must be having a valid trading license with the desired business activity mentioned in the trade license.

For applying for the Import Export Code in Dubai or any other Emirate in UAE, it is mandatory to have a trading license in UAE from the Free Zones or the Mainland.

Import Export License in Dubai

Import Export License in Dubai is obtained from the Dubai Economy (Department of Economic Development) or any of the Free Trade Zones of Dubai. The foreign investor in Dubai to obtain an Import Export License must register the company as a trading or general trading company. They must then register for the Dubai Customs and obtain the Import Export Code in Dubai to conduct global trade.

Trade operations in Dubai are conducted by organizations with valid trade licenses from specific business jurisdictions. Get an Import Export License in Dubai at a cost of approximate AED 25,232 from the mainland. There are immense business opportunities in Dubai for import-export and trading companies.

The domestic demand for various general items such as clothes, accessories, household, furniture, spare parts, food-stuff, gold, etc., drives the import-export market in Dubai. The availability of logistics support systems, business infrastructure, and growing business opportunities make the Import Export business in Dubai a lucrative one.

Import Export Registration in Dubai

Import Export Registration in Dubai is the process of registering the trading company with Dubai Customs to obtain the Import Export Code. The Customs Department will allocate a Unique Code to the Trading Company. For importing and exporting goods to and from UAE, the unique Customs Code is a mandatory requirement.

The investor must submit the necessary documents such as Trade License, undertaking license, and investor/manager passport copy. There is a payment for obtaining the Import Export Code for the company.

So, after the document submission and fee payment the authorities will review the application. The Dubai Customs will issue the Import Export Code to the investor for a period of 1 year which is renewable.

The Trade License must be valid to apply for the Import Export Code. The Customs Department in Dubai governs the process of import-export code registration in Dubai. Across the Emirates and based on Free Zones, the import-export code registration cost will vary slightly.

However, the approx. cost of Import Export Code Registration in Dubai is AED 500 and the investor will receive a dedicated Customs Code for their trading company.

Import Export License in Dubai Mainland

The investor must follow a process to obtain the Import Export License from the Mainland of Dubai. Investors choose the Mainland of Dubai due to the many business benefits. The 100% foreign ownership, low taxation, advanced logistics support, easy transport of goods, etc., are a few business benefits for the investors.

Also, the flexibility in choosing the office area and warehouse location in Mainland of Dubai attracts many global investors to choose the mainland to keep the overall cost low.

Setting up an Import Export Company in UAE - Steps Involved

The steps can be categorized into two stages. Firstly, it is the initial phase that is obtaining a trade license. Then comes the customs registration stage where the investor must register for the customs to conduct import-export operations in UAE. Across the business jurisdictions - The Free Zone and the Mainland, the steps involved in setting up an import-export company in UAE are more or less similar.

Below are the steps involved in setting up an import-export company in UAE.

Stage 1: Obtaining a Trading License

  •   Reserve the trade name for the company (finalize from 3 shortlists)
  •   Select the correct trading activity for the business
  •   Choose a local sponsor/Go with 100% foreign ownership option in the mainland
  •   select the office space and warehouse and prepare the rental agreement
  •   Prepare the Memorandum of Association for the company (Aurion will assist you with this)
  •   Submit the documents to the Dubai Economy for review
  •   Make the fee payment and obtain the business license
  •   Get the investor visa and apply for a corporate bank account

Stage -2 Customs Registration

  •   Register the company with the Chamber of Commerce Dubai
  •   Register the Company with the Dubai Customs Department and obtain the Import Export Code
  •   Starting importing or exporting goods from Dubai to the world

The above indicated steps are to be followed the right way to obtain the import-export license in Dubai. AURION's Team will effectively handle all the processes and ensure the investor gets the import-export license in Dubai at the lowest cost and fastest possible time.

What is the Cost of an Import-export business license in Dubai?

The cost of import-export license in Dubai is around AED 25,232 and may vary in real-time. Connect with our team for more details about the exact cost of an import-export business license in Dubai.

The Import Export License Cost in Dubai includes the general trading license cost, virtual office contract, application form and import-export code fee. For investors requiring a physical office setup, the tenancy contract for a year is to be prepared based on the annual rent for the desired office space.

Hence, the cost of an import-export license covers all aspects of obtaining a general trading license, applying for import export code, and taking an office space to successfully conduct global import-export operations from Dubai.

Following is the breakup of import-export business license cost in Dubai.

Import Export License in Dubai

Cost in AED

Trade License Cost Mainland

AED 13,000

Virtual Office with Ejari ( For 1 year)

AED 10,000

Tradename submission, application form, Agreement, etc.

AED 1,732

Import Export Code Fee

AED 500


AED 25,232

What are the documents required for obtaining an Import-Export business license in Dubai?

To start the import-export business in Dubai the business must have a trading license in place. Then the company has to be registered with the Dubai Customs to conduct any sort of import-export activities.

There is minimal documentation required for obtaining an import-export business license. Investors can easily obtain a general trading license and then apply for an import-export code.

The investor can then get the customs clearance for conducting the import-export operations from Dubai. AURION will assist in the end-to-end documentation, application submission, and coordination to obtain the import-export license in the most hassle-free way.

Documents Required for obtaining a Trading License in Dubai

  •   Names (Up to 3) to get the trade name reserved
  •   Company Registration Application Form
  •   Passport Copy and Photograph of the owner

Customs Registration Procedure for obtaining the Import Export Code in Dubai

Following documents are required to get an import-export code in Dubai:

  •   Trade license and Memorandum of Association of the newly formed company
  •   Passport Copy of the Owner
  •   Owners Visa Copy (if UAE residence visa is stamped)
  •   Tenancy Agreement of the Office/Warehouse
  •   Request Letter for the Import Export Code
  •   Import Export Code Fee Payment

Online portal of Dubai Customs is available for the document submittion and free payment. The documents will be reviewed by the Port and Customs authority and the import-export code will be issued to the company.

How AURION will Assist in Obtaining the Import Export License in UAE?

AURION will assist you in the end-to-end company formation process as well as in obtaining the import-export license, and the import-export code in UAE.

The Team of Expert Business Consultants will prepare and submit the application form. Also liaise with the Government Authorities to get the Import Export Business License and Import Export Code. AURION support the investor in getting the import export license at the lowest cost and fastest time.

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