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Company Formation in UAE

Company formation in UAE

Company Formation in UAE is the process of setting up a company in any of the two business jurisdictions of the UAE. The company can be set up in either the Free Trade Zones or the Mainland of UAE.

The Company Formation Steps in UAE follows certain order that investors will have to follow. Expert Business Consultants such as AURION will guide you through the process. There are numerous advantages to setting up a company in UAE such as the following.

  •   Ease to set up and run a business in UAE,
  •   Favorable Taxation Structure in UAE
  •   Ability to own 100% of the company’s shares and assets
  •   Provision to transfer the company profits to their home country without any hassle
  •   Immense support from the Government in promoting trade and commerce in the region
  •   Host of international and national banks offering various services to corporates and individuals
  •   Growing network of payment gateways, billing software applications, digital banking products & services

Hence, UAE is a perfect choice for company formation. Many large companies including Fortune 500 brands have their global Headquarters in Dubai, UAE. There are immense business opportunities in UAE. There is total freedom for company formation in UAE for a global investor and to open a corporate bank account for the company.

There are distinct benefits for company formation in UAE Free Zones and Mainland. The cost of company formation is a major factor that determines the selection of business jurisdiction. There are also other factors such as visa quota, office space availability, and nature of the business activity that play a vital role in the selection of the right business jurisdiction in UAE.

Company Formation in UAE - Free Zone

There are 7 emirates in the United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm al-Quwain). Each Emirate has its Free Zones that have a special tax, customs, and import regime.

Company Formation in UAE Free Zones allows investors to experience a host of business benefits. They enjoy the freedom of 100% foreign ownership. no taxation, full profit repatriation, world-class office infrastructure, visa quotas, 24/7 access, and more. The Company Formation Process in the Free Zones is relatively easy. However, it is best to execute the right way by taking the assistance of an expert business consultant like AURION.

AURION is the Registered Agent of major Free Zones in UAE. The expert team of Business Consultants will assist entrepreneurs with end-end company formation services in UAE. Based on the investor’s precise requirements, the team will choose the right free zone and license package in the UAE. The process of trade license registration is made simple and hassle-free for investors by AURION.

Company Formation in UAE - Mainland

Company Formation in UAE Mainland will help the investor to conduct trade or provide service across UAE, the rest of GCC Countries, and abroad. It is a popular choice for traders, professional services, and retail businesses.

UAE Mainland Companies have immense scope for expansion. They can add more branches and open up more retail stores. To set up a company in the Mainland of UAE there are many options.

Limited Liability Company is the most popular one among the company formation options in UAE Mainland. For single-ownership companies, the investor can choose a Sole Proprietorship or civil work company. Investors in the field of legal services, accounting, doctors, Accountants, etc., can obtain a professional license from the Dubai Economy. This license enables the company to operate in the UAE Mainland.

For large and medium companies in sectors like manufacturing, heavy equipment maintenance, etc., a commercial license is the preferred business license. UAE Mainland offers competitive rates for a commercial license along with land and pre-built facilities for manufacturing companies.

The total cost for the company formation is approx. AED 25,000 for a trading company in the UAE mainland. Investors can also set up a civil company with a single shareholder to up to 50 shareholders. There is no requirement for a Local Service Agent for a Civil Work Company as per the latest Commercial Companies Law.

AURION can help you to set up your company in the Mainland of Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, and other Emirates. Our Team will assist you in the complete process of registering the company and handling the visa processing requirements.

Company Formation in UAE - Offshore

Company Formation in UAE Offshore is for those investors who are based internationally and do not require a local UAE presence. Those businesses that focus solely on international exports, international market consulting, etc., that require only a virtual company license from UAE can register their company in the UAE Offshore Jurisdictions.

Offshore Companies or International Business Companies are not eligible for Visas. They are non-resident companies and are not governed by the UAE’s Mainland business laws. There are three offshore jurisdictions in UAE:

Entrepreneurs can incorporate an offshore company through the Registered Agents of the specific Offshore jurisdiction. AURION is the registered agent of both Ajman Offshore and RAKICC, these are the leading Offshore jurisdictions in the UAE.

Company Formation Process in UAE

The Company Formation Process in UAE starts with the Name Approval and followed by that is the document submission stage. The incorporation process will be complete in 1 to 2 days from the date of document submission and making the fee payment.

Depending on the business jurisdiction, business activity, and visa requirements, the company formation process in UAE differs. The investor must follow the company formation process the right way to avoid any hassles.

Expert Business Consultants like AURION will guide the entrepreneur through the company formation process in UAE and ensure hassle-free company registration. Following is the step-by-step process of company formation in the UAE.

Company formation in Dubai

1. Trade Name & Activity Approval

Getting the Trade Name and Business Activity Approval is the first step of the company formation process in UAE. Selection of the right business license type and business activities under the trade license is also an important aspect of the company formation process.

In the Free Zones, the governing authority will be the specific Free Zone Organization. Similarly, in the Mainland of UAE, it is the Department of Economic Development of the respective Emirate.

2. Company Incorporation & License

Once the business jurisdiction, business license, and business activity are confirmed, look for convenient office space and prepare the tenancy contract. The investor has to now submit the required documents, and the business license fee to secure their company license.

The Investor will also receive all the company documents such as the Memorandum of Association, Company Stamp, etc, along with the trade License.

3. Obtaining Residency Visa

Once the trade license and company documents are obtained, the investor can proceed to apply for the UAE Residence Visa. The Investor Visa under the company is for 3 years (renewable). The company will also be eligible to apply for employment visas (2 years renewable) depending on the visa allocation. The company owners have to go through a Medical Test and process their Emirates IDs to complete the UAE Residence procedures.

4. Bank Account

As the investor receives the company documents, UAE residence visa, and Emirates ID, they can proceed to open a personal and corporate bank account for the company to initiate the trade operations. Aurion offers assistance in opening Bank Accounts in Banque Misr, Mashreq Bank, and Emirates NBD.

Aurion Business Consultants will assist you in the complete company formation process. Thereby, you can sit back and relax as our Expert PRO Agents will handle all the above tasks. We assure you have the most seamless company formation in UAE and receive all the company documents in a limited time. Thereby, enabling the investors to kick-start the business operations at a faster pace in UAE.

Company Formation in Dubai

Company Formation in Dubai allows the investor to experience the numerous business benefits of Dubai. It helps in setting up office space and to start operating the business immediately.

Dubai is a perfect choice for setting up a company and settling with your family. There is a steady rise in investors who prefer to set up their base in the region. Free Zone Company Formation in Dubai is one of the most popular company incorporation choices for foreign investors.

Alternatively, getting a Dubai Mainland Trade License from the Dubai Economy is an option for investors to set up a company in Dubai. The strategic location of Dubai makes it a major trade and commerce hub connecting the world.

Company Formation in Dubai is highly beneficial for investors due to the robust business infrastructure, advanced lifestyle, ease of doing business, and more. There are numerous types of business activities for investors in Dubai for setting up a company and conducting local and global trade.

The Free Trade Zones and Dubai Economy has a host of company formation packages custom-made for investors. It helps them to easily set up their company and start their business operations instantly.

Company Formation Steps in Dubai

The Company Formation Steps in Dubai will help the investor to successfully set up their company in the region. By following the below step-by-step procedures of company formation in Dubai, the investor will be able to register their company and conduct their business operation in the region. Following are the step by step procedure of company formation in the Dubai.

  1. Select the type of legal entity - Free Zone or Mainland
  2. Choose Business Activity and Company Name
  3. Apply for Company License & Office facilities
  4. Obtain Trade License & Documents
  5. Apply for Visa & Bank Account

What are the Documents Obtained by the Investor?

There are a few documents the investor will receive from the authorities for a new Company Formation in Dubai. They are:

  •   Company Incorporation Certificate
  •   Memorandum of Association & Articles of Association
  •   Trade License with the selected business activities listed
  •   Company Establishment Card
  •   Shareholding Certificate for capital investment in the company
  •   Side Agreements with Local Sponsor (if any)
  •   Tenancy Contract/ Lease Agreement for the Office (if any)
  •   Emirates ID and UAE Residence Visa for the Investor (if any)
  •   Any other supporting document as per the business activity and business jurisdiction

New Company Formation in Dubai is on a spike due to the 100% foreign ownership in Free Zones and the mainland. Also, the competitive pricing of the company packages and many more business benefits make Dubai investor's favorite choice.

The low taxation, world-class business infrastructure, business friendly Government Laws, etc., makes it a perfect business destination of the world. Start a business in Dubai with a 3-year business license from Dubai’s fastest-growing Free Trade Zone for AED 43,000.

How Aurion will Assist you in the Company Formation Process in UAE?

Aurion is the expert company formation agent in UAE when it comes to assisting in new company formation in UAE. Being the best company formation consultant in UAE, we provide the most cost effective company formation packages. Also, we offer business advisory services to investors from around the world. Our team of business setup agents will analyse your business and assist you in choosing the right company setup package.

AURION follows a holistic approach that will enable investors to focus on their core business activities. Our PRO Agents will handle all your company administrative tasks. We assure the lowest quote packages for every new company formation service in UAE. Talk to our team of expert company formation agents right away!

Connect with our expert Business Consultants to know more about the latest Company Formation Packages in Dubai.

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