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Sharjah Media City Free Zone (SHAMS)

Sharjah Media City Freezone

Sharjah Media City (SHAMS) is one of the fastest-growing Free Trade Zone in the Emirate of Sharjah. SHAMS offers a range of company licenses for investors to set up various businesses. Company Formation in Sharjah Media City is a lucrative business investment for global investors aiming to scale up their business in the UAE.

SHAMS offers the best media and digital company license packages at the lowest cost for AED 8,050 (Zero Visa Quota). Entrepreneurs in the creative, media, digital, and other fields can easily set up a company in SHAMS Free Zone.

Company Formation in Sharjah Media City is beneficial for the foreign investor in many ways. The low-cost business license, more than 2000+ business activities, sophisticated office spaces, easy company setup, 100% foreign ownership, etc., makes SHAMS a popular choice among foreign investors.

Sharjah Media City is located near the Sharjah International Airport making it easier for investors to facilitate global trade and operations. It is one of the most competitive Free Zones in the UAE in terms of offering Cost-effective Business Setup Packages.

Key Benefits

SHAMS Trade License
  •   Company setup cost starting from AED 8,050
  •   No need of Physical presence in the UAE to register your new company
  •   No need of NOC to incoporate your company
  •   100% foreign ownership
  •   100% free transfer of funds
  •   No restriction on capital repatriation
  •   0% import or re-export duties
  •   0% personal income tax
  •   No restriction on hiring foreign employees
  •   All documentation issued in 2 days
  •   No paid up share capital or annual audit
  •   All processes are easy, digital and very cost-efficient

Company Licenses in Sharjah Media City Free Zone (SHAMS)

Service License

Service Company License from SHAMS enables foreign investors to establish services companies across a wide range of business service activities. The Free Zone has the required business infrastructure for establishing a Services company by taking a Flexi-Desk or shared office spaces or a fully customized executive office.

Trading License

Trade License permits selling goods within SHAMS or importing and exporting of goods to the mainland from the Free Zone to conduct the trade. The Trading License from SHAMS Free Zone enables the free movement of goods to and from the Free Zone after paying the required customs duties.

Industrial License

Industrial License in Sharjah allows the entrepreneur to establish a company and conduct business activities such as production, re-production, transformation, and manufacturing of goods. The strategic location of Sharjah Media City and its proximity to the Sharjah International Airport and the Khalid Port make it an ideal choice for setting up manufacturing units. There is a growing demand for industrial requirements in the region and investors can tap on the opportunity by obtaining an industrial license from Sharjah Media City.

How to select the right business activity in SHAMS Free Zone?

The Sharjah Media City offers more than 2000 business activities across the various business license types. The investor can choose from services, trading, and industrial license based on their desired business activity to set up a company in SHAMS Free Zone. The investor can choose the Service License from Sharjah Media City to render services to other companies and consumers in the Free Zone as well as globally. Sharjah Media City has a range of specialized service licenses ranging from consultancy, media, eCommerce license, marketing, and more.

For entrepreneurs who are intending to open a trading company, the Trading License from Sharjah Media City is an ideal choice. The investors can involve in the import and export of goods as well as selling of the goods in UAE, GCC, and, the rest of the world by obtaining a trading license from the Sharjah Media City. To assemble, repackage, and re-manufacture or transform goods taking an Industrial License from SHAMS is the right choice. The Free Zone offers the required business infrastructure and easy procedures to set up a manufacturing unit.

Facilities Available in SHAMS

Shams provides four facility options that are designed to serve your needs & requirements. Shared workplace facilities offered by Shams provide a co-working environment, which is a great solution for startups that want to interact with other like-minded people.

1. Dedicated Desk

It is assigned space for the entrepreneurs to work mindfully and focus on the core business alongside scope for networking opportunities. It is an adaptable space for work, meetings, networking, and collaboration. The modern, aesthetic, and practical setup make it a pleasant atmosphere for the investors to work and scale up the business easily.

2. Shared Desk

It is a common space shared by like-minded individuals. It also helps the investor to keep the overall company setup cost low. Choosing the Shared Desk provides the flexibility of mobility for the investor as there is no specific desk for them to work and based on availability can pick a spot. It is an ideal option for investors who are involved in constant on-site meetings with clients. SHAMS offers attractive business license packages along with an option to choose a shared desk for daily/monthly/yearly rentals.

3. Dedicated Office

It is an assigned lockable office space used based on individuals. Ranging from a single desk space or a group of desks, it offers a private workplace while empowering coordinated effort among people. The Dedicated Office Space enables the investor to operate the business activities with privacy and focus on the core business strategies. It is an ideal choice for entrepreneurs who are aiming to have a small team of employees and focus on business growth.

Sharjah Media City has a range of fully customized as well as Shell and Core Office types that investors can customize to their desire. Having a dedicated office space enables the business leaders to achieve higher business growth by focusing more on the strategic business areas and working towards it.

4. Shared Office

Shared Office Space in Sharjah Media City is a cost-effective option for the investors as they can keep the company setup and yearly rent cost low. It also provides more private space than a shared desk and it allows networking opportunities too.

Included with Facilities

Facility WiFi Printer Meeting Room Access
Dedicated Desk
Shared Desk Desk
Dedicated Office
Shared Office

SHAMS Creative Units

The Creative Units at Shams are intended to empower minds and inspire innovations among its residents. The efficient and ergonomic designs introduce a unique workplace to any organisation or individual hoping to grow and develop.

The facilities will include stand-alone offices, office studios, showrooms and community areas.

SHAMS Package Details - Services / Consultancy / Trading License

Sharjah Media City offers the investors various Business License Packages for Services, Consultancy & Trading activities. The Licence Packages can be chosen according to Visa Quotas available as well as Yearly Licenses. Investors choosing a 2,3,5 Year License would be able to avail discounts on the Total License Package. Below are the details on the License Packages based on Visa quota and Yearly License Cost (Discounted Rates).

License Type
License Package Cost - Services / Consultancy / Trading
0 Visa Quota 1 Visa Quota 2 Visa Quota 3 Visa Quota 4 Visa Quota 5 Visa Quota 6 Visa Quota
1 Year (30% Discount on Visa Packages)
AED 8,050
AED 11,743
AED 12,863
AED 13,983
AED 15,103
AED 16,223
AED 17,343
Actual 1 Year License Costs
AED 11,500
AED 16,775
AED 18,375
AED 19,975
AED 21,575
AED 23,175
AED 24,775
2 Year License Packages (30% Discount)
AED 23,485
AED 25,725
AED 27,965
AED 30,205
AED 32,445
AED 34,685
3 Year License Packages (30% Discount)
AED 35,228
AED 38,588
AED 41,948
AED 45,308
AED 48,668
AED 52,028
5 Year License Packages (35% Discount)
AED 54,519
AED 59,719
AED 64,919
AED 70,119
AED 75,719
AED 80,519

Note: Immigration Card and Facilities are not included in the no visa package. Shared desk facility is provided with visa packages.

Immigration Card & Visa Cost

Fee in AED
Immigration Card fee for 3 Years
E-channel Registration
Visa cost per visa valid for 2 years
Medical (*Urgent)
Additional allocation of visas

* Additional AED 200 for VIP Medical Services.

Time span for Entry Permit & Residence Visa

Entry Permit, Residence Visa, Entry Visa Cancellation & Residence Visa Cancellation processing timelines for both normal and priority applications is given below.

Transaction Types
Time Span
Entry Permit
3 - 4 working days
1 working days
Residence Visa
3 - 4 working days
1 working days
Residence Visa Cancellation – Investor/Partner/Employee
3 - 4 working days
1-2 working days
Entry Visa Cancellation – Investor/Partner/Employee
3 - 4 working days
1-2 working days
Resubmission - Entry Permit / Residence Visa / Cancellation
3 - 4 working days

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