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General Trading License in UAE

Trading License in UAE

General Trading license in UAE is one of the popular business license category that helps investors to do trading business in several products. Global Investors prefer UAE for establishing a trading company to easily initiate international and local trade operations from the region. The Free Zones and Mainland offer the investors a wide range of heavily discounted packages for obtaining a General trading license in UAE.

General Trading License in UAE and Business bank account helps investors to easily conduct international and local trade operations through their company. Such UAE Companies can do business internationally and invoice from UAE Company. For the Import and Export of commodities, the general trading company should take an import-export code after registration of Company in the UAE..

Company owners from other countries opt for a general trading license and a bank account in UAE to enhance their business profits. As per the amended commercial company law of UAE, expatriates can form 100% owned General Trading company in UAE. In Dubai, General Trading Company can be registered in 3-4 days with a virtual office setup.

Scope of General Trading License in Dubai

Numerous business activities ranging from wholesale, retail, import-exports of essential goods, clothes, foodstuffs, machinery, electronics, and more fall under the purview of General Trading in UAE. All permitted commodities can be traded using a UAE general trading license. Compared to the specific License category, a General Trading License allows entrepreneurs to sell more items. For example, using a General Trade License, one can sell all essential items like packed food, home essentials, clothes, personal care products, etc.

General Trading License Cost in Dubai

The Cost of a General Trading License in Dubai is between AED 30,000 and AED 40,000. This cost includes the trade name approval fee, initial submission cost, and the virtual office contract fee. General Trading License in Dubai is a popular trade license that investors opt for trading in multiple goods using the same trade license.

Dubai is the hub for trade and commerce. The strategic location of Dubai and the easy transport connectivity via air, sea, and land to the Asian and European markets make Dubai a perfect choice for general trading companies to establish their base and start the trading business. Dubai offers a host of business opportunities for trading companies. The Free Zones and a mainland offering world-class office facilities, warehouse support, banking assistance, transport, and logistics support, and more to the foreign investor.

How to get a General Trading License in Dubai

The process of obtaining general trading license in Dubai starts from choosing the right jurisdiction. Following are the required steps to get a general trading license in Dubai.

  •   Choose the right jurisdiction - Freezone or Mainland and the business activities under the general trading License
  •   Choose the trade name for your company and the legal structure
  •   Fill up the initial approval form and submit it to the concerned authorities
  •   Get the required approvals for your business if required
  •   Prepare the required documents such as the Memorandum of Association (MOA), and all the approved documents from the relevant government authorities
  •   Choose the ideal business location and obtain the Tenancy Contract & Ejari
  •   Obtain the Trade license by submitting all the required documents & fees
  •   Apply for residence visa and business bank account

Documents required for getting a General Trading License in Dubai

  •   Signed and duly filled General Trading License application by the investor/manager
  •   Memorandum of Association, Shareholder agreement, other required documents
  •   Attested Trade Name Approval Letter from the Dubai Economy or the respective Free zone authority
  •   Passport copy of the Shareholders

Two Ways of Acquiring a General Trading License in Dubai

The General Trading License in Dubai can be obtained from the Dubai Economy and Dubai Free Zones. The General Trading License from the two business jurisdictions of Dubai are offered for investors at various cost range. Depending on the specific business requirement, the investor can take the General Trading License in Dubai from the Dubai Economy or Free Zones. There are various facilities that both business jurisdictions offer investors.

A) General Trading License in Dubai - From Dubai Economy

General Trading License in Dubai

Investors looking at opening a wholesale and retail business in the mainland of Dubai, getting a General Trade License from the Dubai Economy is the ideal choice. The Investor can obtain the General Trading License in Dubai from the Dubai Economy by following the below steps.

There is an Instant License issued by DED which has a one-year validity and that does not require office space. However, post one year the investor has to renew the license by securing a physical office space for your company to conduct trade in and outside of UAE.

General Trading License cost in Dubai is in the range of AED 30,000 to AED 40,0000 in the mainland. The cost of setting up a general trading company in the mainland including the trade license fee, virtual office rent with Ejari for 1 year, and the pre-approvals will cost around AED 41,683.

Why Take a General Trading License from Dubai Mainland?

General Trading License from Dubai Mainland is one of the most preferred among investors. The flexibility and ability to scale up the trading company make Dubai Mainland the 1st choice. Obtaining a General Trading License from the UAE Mainland will allow entrepreneurs to be actively involved in the local trading in the UAE market, Also, open a store and office anywhere in UAE

For a UAE Mainland General Trading License, there is no restriction on the number of visas and employment visas. Depending on the office space acquired, you can employ staff accordingly.

A foreign investor in the UAE can own 100% of the mainland company and acquire a General Trading License. The shareholder agreement and other supporting documents must be submitted to the Dubai Economy to obtain the General Trading License in Dubai.

Obtaining a General Trading License from Dubai Mainland - Advantages

  •   UAE only has a 5% VAT on all trade transactions within the UAE and overall there is a significant tax benefit when compared to other European & Asian regions.
  •   General Trading License from DED enables you to take an office anywhere in the UAE and indulge actively in the local market.
  •   Company Formation in UAE Mainland is a seamless process. LLC Company Structure is the most chosen by the investors.
  •   Finding a local sponsor for LLC company is easy by taking assistance of Business Consultants
  •   Easy visa availability for employees. Visa quota is awarded based on the office size taken by the investor.
  •   Easy Bank Account opening and transacting in multi-currency.
  •   100% profit and capital repatriation
  •   Many Moreā€¦

B) General Trading License from Dubai Free Zones

UAE Free Zones are ideal for setting up a General Trading Company. The General Trading License in Dubai enables the investor to indulge in selling, distribution, and storage, import/export, etc. General Trading License covers a wide range of business activities ranging from any type of retail & wholesale of goods; to the selling of accessories, clothes, furniture, electronics, etc. If the company is involved in the trade of multiple goods and not a single item, getting a general trading license in UAE is the right choice.

There are almost 45+ Free Zones in the UAE, general trading is one of the most sought after license types by investors in the UAE. Taking a General Trading License Package from a Free Zone has its obvious benefits such as 100 % foreign ownership, no import duty for imports to the Free Zone, access to world-class office, logistics, and warehouse facilities, and more.

A general Trading License Package in the Free Zone with 1 visa quota starts from Approx. 15,700 AED. General Trading License Cost goes up to AED 50,000 and more depending on the location of the Free Zone, business activities, visa quota, and various factors.

Why Take a General Trading License from Dubai Free Zones?

The Free Zones of UAE offer easy and smooth company formation process. They offer exclusive low-cost general trading license packages that suit all investors' requirements. UAE Free zones offer Multi-Year General Trading License Packages with a wide choice of Residence Visa Quotas for hiring employees. The three-year residence visas offered by most of the Free Zones are an add-on for the investors looking at employing staff at their office.

The Free Zone General Trade License enables investors to facilitate international trade easily due to advanced logistics and warehouse support available at the Free Zones.

  •   100% expatriate ownership
  •   Total control of Business
  •   Fixed fee for whole year
  •   No Annual Audit Requirement
  •   No connection to Labour department
  •   100% repatriation of profits
  •   Eligibility to obtain Tax Residency Certificate
  •   Customs duty exemption
  •   Dedicated customs-check at the premises

Where to get the Cheapest General Trading License in UAE?

The Cheapest General Trading License in UAE can be obtained from Sharjah Media City at around AED 8050 with a Zero Visa Quota. The Cost of a General Trading License in UAE varies across Emirates. The General Trading License Cost in Dubai is generally higher than the other Emirates of UAE. The Cheapest General Trading License in Dubai can be obtained from the Dubai Silicon Oasis -IFZA at AED 11,900 with a Zero Visa quota.

Having a Free Zone General Trading License have many benefits. The company can avail of the warehousing facilities provided by the Free Trade Zones. Most of the Free Zones in the UAE offer a wide range of warehouse options. Ranging from food storage and cold storage to customized warehouse spaces. The Free Zones has it all for the investors.

How Aurion will assist you?

Aurion is specialized in LLC Company Formation in the Mainland as well as Free zones of UAE. Our expert Business Consultants will handhold you throughout the company formation process and ensure you obtain the General Trading License in UAE the most seamless way.

We will provide you with the right company formation package based on your business requirement. Send us the documents online and we will register the company for you remotely. Reach out to us for more information about Company Formation and Obtaining a General Trading License in UAE.

Reach out to our experts to know more about Company Formation in UAE.

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