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Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ)

RAKEZ is known as RAS AL KHAIMAH ECONOMIC ZONE lies in the city of Ras Al Khaimah – one of the seven emirates in the United Arab Emirates. Less than an hour’s drive from Dubai.

RAKEZ is a governing authority which continued the story of RAK Free Trade Zone founded in year 2000 and Ras Al Khaimah Investment Authority founded in year 2005 with over 100 countries, representing more than 50 sectors.

RAKEZ is offering a cost-effective business solution and world class economic zone to the clients and investors in a quick and easy processes services as well as the state-of-the-art facilities. RAKEZ is also accessible to their clients thru their business and promotional centers across the UAE and their International Liaison offices.

Advantages of RAKEZ

  •   Quick & Easy Process
  •   Customisable Services & facility
  •   100% repatriation of capital and profits
  •   100% tax exemption
  •   100% foreign ownership
  •   Low cost business setup
  •   Easy access to strategic market in the MENA region
  •   Ease of doing business
  •   One-Stop–Shop for all investor’s needs
  •   Well-developed industrial infrastructure
  •   Comprehensive master planning for growth
  •   Stable Government and investor friendly policies
  •   Wide-ranging business and industrial facilities and value-added services


  •   RAKEZ Business Zone:- Trading, Services and Consultancy businesses
  •   Al Hamra, Al Ghail & Al Hulaila Industrial Zones:- Manufacturing, Industrial projects, trading, assembly & logistics
  •   RAKEZ Academic Zone:- Schools, Universities, Institutes, Academic consultancy and services


1. Flexi Facilities

  •   Shared furnished workstations or offices
  •   Ideal for startup, SMEs and enterpreneurs
  •   Secretarial and business centre services
  •   One-stop shop facility and value-added services
  •   Advanced IT/Telecommunications infrastructure
  •   Eligibility to apply for UAE Residence Visa

2. Warehouses

  •   Customisable and availablity in various sizes
  •   Ideal for manufacturing, trading, assembly and logistics
  •   Availability of security and utility supplies around clock
  •   permanent power connectivity
  •   Proximity to retail districts and major logistics hubs
  •   Provision for on-site staff and labour accommodation
  •   Rasy access to manpower for loading and cargo
  •   Eligibility to apply for UAE Residence Visa

3. Offices

  •   Ready or customisable office spaces
  •   Ideal for commercial, services and consultancy business
  •   Secretarial and business centre services
  •   One-stop shop facility and value-added services
  •   Advanced IT/Telecommunications infrastructure
  •   Eligibility to apply for UAE Residence Visa

4. Land for Development

  •   Wide-ranging land sizes for development
  •   Ideal for manufacturing and projects
  •   Availability of security and utilitysupplies around the clock
  •   Proximity to major logistical hubs and other emirates
  •   Provision for on-site staff and labour accommodation
  •   Well-paved roads at all locations
  •   Eligibility to apply for UAE Residence Visa


RAKEZ offers the choice of setting up a freezone or non-freezone entity, depending on your requirements. Difference between Freezone entity & Non-freezone entity:-

Zero Taxation
Zero Taxation
100% Ownership & Profit Repatriation
Established in Association with a UAE partner
Access to local market through a local agent
Direct sales in local market
No Customs duty on re-expotred goods
No Customs duty on sales in local or GCC market
Freedom to source labour
Subject to UAE labour law


RAKEZ offers a wide varity of business license for different activities:

Trading in services and goods
Opening an education- related institution or consultancy company
Trading in services and goods via electronic means
 General Trading
Trading in multiple goods
 Individual / Professional
One Owner with one activity in a specific specialty or expertise
Manufacturing, importing, packaging and exporting products
Opening media-related business activities
For individuals who provide professional services
Conducting services or consultancies across any industry
Operating tourism-related activities or establishments

New Company Registration Package Cost

 License Type (FZLLC/Branch)   List of Services   Promo - New Registration    Promo 3 Yrs Price 
Media    Flexi Desk |Media | 0 Visa               8,240 21,675
  Flexi Desk |Media | 1 Visa             12,668 34,076
  Flexi Desk AD|Media | 2 Visa             16,428 44,651
  Flexi Office |Media | 2 Visa             14,748 39,926
 Standard  Office|Media|4 Visa             16,948 46,114
 Executive Office|Media|6 Visa             19,348 52,864
Commercial    Flexi Desk | Commercial | 0 Visa             11,440 30,675
  Flexi Desk | Commercial | 1 Visa             15,868 43,076
  Flexi Desk | Commercial | 2 Visa             19,628 53,651
  Flexi Office|Commercial | 2 Visa             17,948 48,926
 Standard Office|Commercial| 4 Visa             20,148 55,114
  Exec Office| Commercial | 6 Visa            24,428 67,151
Services   Flexi Desk | Services | 0 Visa             11,440 30,675
  Flexi Desk | Services | 1 Visa             15,868 43,076
  Flexi Desk | Services | 2 Visa             19,628 53,651
  Flexi Office | Services | 2 Visa             17,948 48,926
 Standard Office | Services |4 Visa             20,148 55,114
  Exec Office | Services |6 Visa            24,428 67,151
Individual Professional (FZLLC)  Flexi Desk|Indvl Professional|1 Visa             13,468 36,326
Education - Training   Flexi Desk|Training|0 Visa             15,440 41,925
  Flexi Desk |Training| 1 Visa             19,868 54,326
 Flexi Desk(AD)|Training|2Visa            23,628 64,901
 Flexi Office|Training|2 Visa             21,948 60,176
 Std Office|Training|4 Visa             24,148 66,364
 Exec Office|Training|6 Visa            28,428 78,401
Education -Education Consultancy / Support Services  Flexi Desk|Ed.Services|0 Visa             14,240 38,550
 Flexi Desk|Ed.Services|1 Visa             18,668 50,951
 Flexi Desk (AD)|Ed.Services|2 Visa            22,428 61,526
 Flexi Office|Ed.Services|2 Visa            20,748 56,801
 Std. Office|Ed.Services|4 Visa            22,948 62,989
 Exec Office|Ed.Services|6 Visa            27,228 75,026
Ecommerce  Flexi Desk|E-commerce|0 Visa             15,440 41,925
  Flexi Desk |E-commerce| 1 Visa             19,868 54,326
 Flexi Desk(AD)|E-commerce|2 Visa            23,628 64,901
 Flexi Office|E-commerce|2 Visa             21,948 60,176
 Std Office|E-commerce|4 Visa             24,148 66,364
 Exec Office|E-commerce|6 Visa            28,428 78,401
General Trading   Std Office| General Trading |4 Visa            25,748 70,864
 Executive Office|Gen Trading|6 Visa            30,028 82,901

AURION has expertise of registering companies in RAKEZ without any hassles to the investors, complying with all legal formalities.

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