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Company Registration in UAE

Company Registration in Dubai

Company Registration in UAE is a process of starting new company for doing business legally in the region. Registration process includes company name approval, selection of business activity, document submission and getting trade license. Companies registered in UAE have 100% foreign ownership, full profit repatriation, and many other business benefits. Hence, it is a popular choice among foreign investors. Additionally, tax savings, ease of doing business, top-class lifestyle, and up-scaled business infrastructure, etc., attracts investors to start a company in UAE.

Investors can choose from a wide range of company registration options available in the region. There are various business licenses and business activities available that will suit the exact business requirements. Investors can start a company in UAE the most hassle-free way by following the company registration process the right way.

AURION provides complete assistance for opening a company in UAE. Based on exact business requirements our expert professionals will assist investors to register a company in uae.

The Jurisdiction of Company Registration in UAE is categorized into three- Mainland, Free Zone, and Offshore Jurisdiction. For establishing a company in UAE there are various company setup packages across the Mainland and Free Zone jurisdictions. Cost of setting up a company in UAE varies accross business jurisdictions depending on the selected business activity.

The Mainland Company can now be registered as 100% expatriate owned entity in UAE. This is as per the recent Cabinet Resolution of 2021. However, depending on the business activity and industrial sector, there are certain regulations to be fulfilled by the investor.

The Free Zones and Offshore Companies can be setup with 100% expatriate shareholding. However, they are distinct in their characteristics, business operations as well as the governing business laws. The minimum cost of Company Registration in UAE starts from AED 8,050 in Free Zones. This cost will vary depending on the facilities and visa availability.

Step by step Process of Company registration in UAE

The Company Registration Process in UAE is well structured with a set of activities to register the company successfully. AURION will handle the complete process of the business registration in UAE. The Team provides unmatched support until the company documents are delivered to the investor and beyond.

The process of company registration in UAE start with choosing the right tradename and getting the approval. Then the investor must choose the right business activities under their trade license. The company is legally entitled to conduct trade or offer services depending on the chosen business activities.

Next step in the registration process is the submission of the application form, supporting documents, investor profile, etc. to the respective authorities. Investor has to pay the trade license fee to obtain the company documents and trade license. Now they can apply for an investor visa and bank account.

AURION will assist in the end-to-end business support services in UAE for new business registration and beyond. Following are the Step by step company registration process in UAE.

1. Company Name & Business Activity Approval

Finalize the company name and business activity. The Tradename must be approved by the authority to start the process of company registration.

Aurion will coordinate and submit documents for company name and facilitate the business activity approval. It is an important step in the company registration process in Dubai. Selecting the right business activity is essential because the trade license will reflect the selected list of business activities. Business can only trade in the selected list of business activities included in the trade license.

2. Document Submission & Coordination

Prepare all the required documents, shareholder details, and arrange for the document submission to the respective authority. In UAE, the company can be opened without the actual presence of the shareholder.

Aurion team will coordinate the processing of the company license and other documents. The team ensures a hassle-free company registration in the shortest possible time.

3. Applying For Residency Visa

Apply for the UAE Residence Visa for the investors soon after the company documents are apporved and trade license is available. The investors who intent to start a business in the UAE are eligibe for a long -term resdience visa.

Aurion will apply for the company immigration card and UAE Residence Visa. Our Businessmen PRO Agents will assist in preparing the residence visa application form for the investors. Our Team also helps in arranging supporting documents and coordinates the visa processing with the Government Authorities.

4. Residence Visa & Emirates ID Processing

The investor has to fly to UAE for doing Medical Test and Stamp Residence Visa on their passport. The processing of the Emirates ID Application requires an in-country medical examination for the investor.

After the Medical Examination and Emirates ID Application submission, the UAE Residence visa application will be started for the investor. Our expert PRO Agents will coordinate the Visa documentation, processing, stamping, and delivering the passport to the investor at the earliest.

5. Bank Account Opening Assistance

We co ordinate effectively with UAE bank to open company and personal bank accounts. The Physical Presence of shareholders is required when opening a corporate bank account as part of KYC Compliance.

The investor can fly down to Dubai, get the Emirates ID, Medical and Corporate Bank Account opened all at one go. The paperwork for bank account opening can be done remotely, the presence is required only for verification purposes.

Associate with the right business consultants such as AURION to represent and act as your agent. Get professional consulting support from our experts in all services related to business registration and allied support services. We have dedicated PRO Service Agents for handling every investor's specific business requirements. The team will coordinate document processing, company registration, collection, and delivery without any hassle for the investors.

How to setup a Company in Mainland?

Company Registration in UAE

UAE Mainland is home to numerous large multi national companies, small and medium companies. There is a high demand for retail shops, restaurants, coffee shops, shopping centers and more. Brands around the world are looking for an opportunity to tap into the mainland of UAE.

Mainland Company Registration in UAE is one of the most sought-after business investments. Investors can actively reach out to the multi cultural audience and expand to the local UAE markets.

There are significant changes in the Mainland Company Registration Process after the Amendment of the Commercial Companies Law. Now, to register a Mainland Company in the UAE there is no requirement of a local sponsor/local service agent.

The mainland companies can now be completely expatriate owned across selected business categories ranging from commercial, industrial, trading, etc. However, there are a few strategic sectors such as energy, banking, Oil & Gas, etc., that do not allow 100% expatriate ownership.

To add to the list are business sectors such as the security, defense & military activities. Also, services related to fisheries; banks, exchange shops, telecom, etc. do not allow 100% expatriate ownership.

There is a positive business activity list of around 122 business activities that can be fully owned by the expatriates. For selected business activities there is a minimum capital requirement to be met.

In the case of the services sector, there is 100% foreign expatriate ownership in all business activities. Also, there is no local service agent to be appointed for liaising with DED for the administrative works. Following are the major company structures in the Mainland of UAE.

a. Limited Liability Company (LLC)

The Limited Liability Company structure is one of the popular company structures in the mainland of UAE. Investors choose Limited Liability Company usually when there are more than 2 shareholders (up to 50). There are various business benefits in setting up an LLC Company in the region for the entrepreneurs.

Liability in the LLC company is only to extent of the shares owned by the Investor. Limited Liability Companies can be formed in the Mainland of UAE for a variety of business activities. Commercial, Services, and industrial activities can be executed through the formation of an LLC Company.

For LLC Company Formation there is a 100% expatriate ownership on the selected list of business activities. There is no requirement of a local UAE National Sponsor for setting up an LLC Company in the mainland of UAE.

b. Professional Company (Civil Work Company)

Professionals in the field of consulting, legal, accounting, doctors, etc., can form a Civil Work Company in the Mainland of UAE. The owner can retain 100% ownership of the company's shares. A Civil Work Company can be registered with the Department of Economic Development (DED) of the respective emirates in UAE.

To easily start a business in UAE, opening a Civil Works Company is a good option for skilled professionals. The Dubai Economy offers a wide range of Professional Licenses for entrepreneurs to choose from. Opening a Civil Works Company in UAE has numerous benefits for entrepreneur. The 100% ownership for the shareholder with no requirement of a UAE National as partner is a key highlight.

c. Branch or Representative Office of Foreign Companies

Investors having a Free Zone company in UAE or any company outside of UAE can form a Branch in the Mainland. There are certain requirements and criteria for the formation of a Branch or a Representative Office. Opening a branch office is a lucrative business investment for foreign companies. It is a perfect option for companies looking at actively expanding to the UAE Local markets.

Branch Office enables large organizations to streamline their business operations across new markets. It also enables investor to test the market conditions and audience response before investing in a wide expansion plan.

How to open a Company in Freezone?

Free Zone Company Registration in UAE is relatively easier than Mainland Company Formation. The Free Zones in Dubai are preferred for their ease of setting up a business, world-class facility and business ecosystem.

One of the major advantages of a Designated Free Zone Company Setup is the exemption from VAT (Value Added Tax). Also, the running expenses for a Free Zone Company is minimal for entrepreneurs. All the payments for the usage of office space, amenities and utilities are paid upfront on an annual basis.

The Free Zone Company Registration in Dubai has a host of business benefits such as

  •   Exemption from VAT
  •   Exemption from filing audit report
  •   100% transfer of profits
  •   Easy transfer of ownership
  •   Availability of international quality warehouses

Free Zones in Dubai offers one of the best Company Formation Packages at an affordable cost. The minimum cost of registering a Free Zone Company in Dubai is AED 13,900. Free Zones in Dubai offers a wide range of business activities for investors to start their business in UAE.

To know more on the list of activities and favorable Free Zone for your Company Setup, talk to our experts!

How to open a Company in Offshore Jurisdiction?

Offshore Company in Dubai is a legal business entity formed for coordinating international trade. Offshore Companies in UAE are registered as International Business Company (IBC). They are out of the scope of UAE's local business jurisdictions and Legal systems. Also, they fall outside the scope of VAT and UAE Customs.

However, Offshore Companies are not eligible to trade in the local UAE market. Mostly international trading companies, holding companies, consulting services, property investors, etc., register for Offshore Companies.

Offshore Companies are not eligible to apply for any Residence Visa for their employees. Opening a bank account is possible but time consuming due to strict compliance checks. Offshore Company Registration is secure and offers the investor a whole lot of benefits. Various business incentives such as tax savings, profit transfer and foreign ownership.

To know more about Offshore Company Registration in UAE click here!

Cost of Company Registration in Dubai

The cost of Company Registration in Dubai may vary depending on the nature of the business. Company Formation Cost in Dubai is mostly straightforward and there are no hidden costs. The cost component is split majorly into the following headers broadly - Documentation & Attestation, Business License, Visa Processing & Immigration.

For certain business activities, there would be additional approvals and document clearance required from the concerned authorities. Business consultants will charge a service fee for executing the services allied to company formation and PRO Services.

Cost of company registration in Dubai is between AED 25,000 and AED 29,000 for a Civil Company with virtual office and trade license for one year. AURION will ensure low cost company setup in Dubai for the investors.

Dubai LLC Company Registration Cost

The LLC Company Registration cost will cover all the major cost components for successfully setting up your business in the UAE. One of the major cost centers for LLC Company Registration is the Office rent. The physical office location in the UAE must be chosen wisely based on the nature of business and the annual turnover.

LLC Business Setup Cost in UAE is in the range of AED 19,000 and AED 45,000. This cost is depending on the license type chosen and the company structure. Also, visa fee and office rent is another major business setup cost components in the UAE.

Cost breakup for registering a company in Dubai is given below:

Description Services License Fee Trading License Fee General Trading License Fee
  Sole Establishment Civil Company Limited Liability Company Limited Liability Company
Trade Name Submission AED 776.50 AED 776.50 AED 776.50 AED 776.50
Initial Submission Approval AED 256.50 AED 256.50 AED 256.50 AED 256.50
Virtual Office with Ejari & Tenancy for 1 year AED 10,000 AED 7,000 AED 10,000 AED 10,000
License Fee AED 8000 AED 9000 AED 13,000 AED 30,000
Total Dubai Company Setup Cost AED 19,033 AED 17,033 AED 24,033 AED 41,033

Required Documents for LLC Company Registration in Dubai

Establishing a company in UAE follows certain steps and documentation processes. Investors must submit the required documents, choose the right business activities and pay the trade license fee.

  •   Application form
  •   Passport Copy
  •   2 Photographs (white background)
  •   NOC if already in UAE residency visa
  •   Tenancy Contract Copy
  •   Location Map
  •   Designation Details:- Higher Designation Requires Degree Certificate (Attested)

Online Company Registration in Dubai

Online Company Registration in Dubai helps investors to set up their companies from the comfort of their homes. Entrepreneurs based across the world can easily register their companies in Dubai. Hence, investors can benefit in numerous ways from the online company registration in Dubai. Many of the Free Zones do not require the physical presence of the shareholder for registering the company.

The expert Business Consultants in AURION will assist in the complete process of the company registration in UAE. The Team will assist investors in various administrative tasks. It includes preparing the application form choosing the right business license & activities etc. Also our PRO agents support in getting special approvals, submitting the documents to the Free Zone authority, and more.

AURION also provides Corporate Bank Account Opening Assistance to the investors. Additionally we offer Customs Registration, Emirates ID processing, and trade financing support in UAE. You can easily register your company online by following steps.

1. Contact Aurion for an initial Business Consulting

Get expert Business Consulting from the team of Business Consultants at Aurion. The team will provide the right business advice based on the specific client requirements and market landscape.

2. The selection of Trade Name and Business Activities

The right trade name must be selected for the business and also the trade activities. that will be conducted by the business.
Aurion will assist in the selection of the right Tradename, business license, business activity, and business jurisdiction based on the investor’s specific business requirements.

3. Submission of Documents to Aurion

The investor must submit the documents to the Aurion team through email. They must share the passport copy, photograph, brief business idea, and shareholder CV. Aurion will prepare the application form and share it with the investor for review. After the review and confirmation of the submitted documents, they will be submitted to the specific licensing authority.

4. Coordination with Licensing Authority

The Business Consultants at Aurion will coordinate with the specific licensing authorities. The team will prepare the application, submit the documents, track the progress and update the investors about the status of their company license.
There is no physical presence of the Investor required for opening a company in UAE. Being the Registered Agent for more than 15 Free Trade Zones, Aurion will conduct all the required checks and actions on behalf of the investors.

5. Fee Payment

For the online company registration, the Investor can follow the secure payment methods available from AURION such as the Direct Bank Transfer or Pay-By-Link. Aurion Team will coordinate with the Business Licensing Authority to process the Trade License as per the investor's business requirements at the earliest.

6. Obtaining Company Documents

The investor will receive the trade license and all other company documents upon making the fee payment to the licensing authority. Aurion will coordinate in getting the trade license and other company documents in the shortest time. Investors will receive their company documents delivered to the doorstep.

Online Company Registration in Dubai is becoming more popular since the pandemic. Many Free Zones in the region have adopted completely online processes to issue trade licenses. Investors need not land in UAE for registering the company and for doing the paperwork.

Foreign Investors can associate with AURION and complete their company registration process online. They can send the required documents online to our team for processing the company registration in UAE. Our team will coordinate with the respective Free Zone authority for the issuance of the trade license to the investor.

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