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Sharjah Research, Technology & Innovation Park (SRTIP Free Zone)

SRTIP Company Registration

The Sharjah Research, Technology & Innovation (SRTI) Park is an innovation-focused Free-Zone in Sharjah. SRTI Park aims to enhance the innovation ecosystem, research & development through incorporating a dedicated Free Zone. It is to support start-ups and technology companies in the field of research to test their products & services effectively.

The SRTI Free Zone aims at supporting entrepreneurs in achieving sustainability. The Free Zone will act as a base for all the research & development activities and a test-bed for upcoming technologies.

The goal is to attract companies that want to expand into the MENA region with a specific focus on Renewable, Environmental, Mobility & Smart Cities, Digitization, Architecture / Industrial 4.0 & Life Sciences.

The Sharjah RTI Park has succeeded to position itself as a pivotal innovation hub to access UAE public and private projects, and connecting with key stakeholders to access the MENA ecosystem.

Sharjah RTI Business Benefits for the Investors

SRTI aims to enhance the innovation ecosystem, research & development by forming a dedicated Free Zone for start-ups and technology companies in the field of innovation to excel and test their products & services. SRTI Park provides a platform that is perfect for boosting creativity & innovation. It provides the right ecosystem, infrastructure and service support to companies in the field of research and technology.

Key Benefits of Sharjah RTI Park

The Sharjah Research, Technology & Innovation Park offers the investors a host of business benefits apart from the Free Zone perks such as 100% foreign ownership, no customs duty, no corporate or income tax, 100% profit repatriation, etc.

Additional Business Benefits for entrepreneurs in the Sharjah RTI Park are:

  •   Ideal Ecosystem for Innovation, Research & Development, Entrepreneurship
  •   Enhanced technology infrastructure and support system
  •   Business-friendly environment & government regulations
  •   Availability of a large talent pool
  •   Low Cost of Company Formation
  •   High Quality of life and infrastructure

Various Segments of Company License available in the Sharjah RTI Park

  •   Water Technology
  •   Renewable Energy
  •   Environmental Technology
  •   Transport & Logistics
  •   Digitization
  •   Production, Design, & Architecture
  •   Life Sciences
  •   Non-Profit Companies

Company Formation Packages Available in the Sharjah RTI Park

  •   Women in Innovation - 9000 AED
  •   First Step Hi-Tech office - 15,000
  •   Maktabi-Coworking Space - 25,000
  •   Start-up Office - 40,000
  •   Ecosystem Office - Depends on Area
  •   Innovation Office - Depends on Area
  •   Innovation Plot - Depends on Area

Steps in Company Formation at Sharjah RTI Park

The Company formation in Sharjah RTI Park is very straightforward and relatively simpler as compared to other Free Zones of UAE. The following are the three simple steps involved in obtaining your Company License from the Sharjah RTI Park.

1. Application Submission along with the company documents
2. Obtain approvals and pay the license fees
3. Obtain the company license and registration documents

Business & leasing Facilities in Sharjah RTI Park

Business & Research Park - Executive Offices, Shared Offices, Full floor plans with Meeting Rooms, Conference Halls, etc.
Laboratory Zone- Lab Facilities for material testing, technology & chemical experiments
Land & Retail Space - On-demand Land and Retail space for shops, schools, outlets, testing grounds, etc.
Innovation Centre-  To support the start-up's growth & financial support, there is a Business Innovation Center (Incubators/Accelerators/VC)
To know more about Sharjah Research, Technology & Innovation (SRTI) Park, talk to our expert business consultants right away!

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