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Fujairah Free Zone

Fujairah's strategic & unique location, as the UAE's only Emirate on East Coast, plays a key role in its development. Under the leadership and vision of Sheikh Hamed Bin Mohammed Al Sharqi, the Ruler of Fujairah, the Emirates continues to grow.

An amazing amalgamation of the traditional values of the East and modern technologies of the West, Fujairah offers a standard of living comparable to that of world's most developed nations. More than a quarter million people of various nationalities, including Emiratis, inhabit this Emirate of 1450 sq kms.


The Port of Fujairah is adjacent to the Free Zone to ensure investors derive maximum benefit from Fujairah's strategic location. By using the shipping services available, investors have access to all Arabian Gulf ports, the Red Sea, Iran, India and Pakistan on weekly feeder vessels. Mainline services arrive from the UK, North Europe, Mediterranean, Far East and North America on a weekly service, and offer sailing twice weekly to the Far East and once a week to North America. Modern facilities including 800 metres of deep water quay (12.5 m draught), 6 ship-to-shore gantry cranes and 11 rubber-tyred yard cranes, keep the port poised to handle the region's growth.

The port also handles bulk dry cargos, Ro/Ro cargo, livestock and general cargo in addition to regular containers.

Fujairah International Airport

Fujairah International Airport is a port of call for Gulf Air, Indian Airlines, Egypt Air and CIS Airlines as well as several cargo carriers and operators. As the only airport serving the UAE East Coast as well as Northern Oman, it is equipped with the latest and the best modern aviation and air cargo handling technology. Its proximity to Fujairah sea port and and its common customs facilities lead to speedy hassle-free operations for Sea/Air cargo.

Fujairah Freezone Facilities

Trading Offices

Trading Offices fully furnished can be leased for Import, Export and Re-Export operations. Minimum area 35 sq.m., with possible secretarial assistance.

Distribution / Warehousing

Units of different sizes can be taken on lease for Import, Export and Re-Export of different commodities as well as general trading. Investors can operate by using storage & packaging facilities in their warehouse to become a distribution hub in the region at the most lucrative prices.


Investors can lease pre-built units or/and request for construction of units customised to their requirements with open land for manufacturing purposes.

Business Club

A Business Club erected on a 1000 sq.m. area specially meets the basic needs of the Investors. It includes a Conference room, Auditorium, Playroom and furnished Trading Offices apart from offering them a restaurant where they can relax and clinch business deal in a congenial atmosphere.

Fujairah Freezone Policies

Customs Exemption

Free Zone clients can benefit from the exemption of customs duties on imports of all commodities and finished products for the purpose of export and re-export outside the UAE. Clients need not pay duties on factory machinery or raw material used in production. Free Zone clients may utilise any of the UAE ports and airports for the movement of their goods in and out of the country, while still benefiting from customs duty exemptions.

Electricity and Water

The Ministry of Electricity and Water provides 3-phase power for investors at the Free Zone at reasonable rates. Water is provided by the Ministry from the desalination plant.

Administrative Service

The Authority is geared with efficient staff to provide prompt assistance in obtaining service from related Federal Ministries with regard to driving license, registration of cars, notarisation of legal documents, entry permits, residence visas, transit and visit visas for investors and employees. The Authority can assist in providing recruitment services for personnel at all levels.


To open an account in any of the banks in the UAE, you will require to submit the following:

  •   Introductory letter by the Fujairah Free Zone Authority.
  •   Submission of a copy of the Fujairah Free Zone license.
  •   A copy of the Chamber of Commerce registration.
  •   Copy of Power of Attorney of the Authorised Signatory.
  •   Copy of Establishment of the Company.

Fujairah Freezone Customs

The aim of the department is to offer simple and efficient Customs facilities to users of the Port of Fujairah, Dibba Sea Port and Fujairah International Airport. With the experience gained over the past 8 years, procedures, moulded by customers' needs, have been refined to provide uncomplicated services. For all customs requirements and documentation the normal office hours are 7.30 am to 2.30 pm Staff on duty provide coverage after office hours on services such as Bills of Entry, trans-shipment, vessel clearance certificate, crew change inspection, bonded warehouse in/out traffic, ship handling services etc.

Fujairah Free Zone clients can benefit from the exemption of custom duties on imports of all commodities and finished products for the purpose of export and re-export outside UAE Clients need not pay duties on factory machinery or raw material used in production. While imports to UAE through Free Zone users will require to pay custom duties of 4%.

The following documentation is required by customs for (in & out) clearing or exporting of goods:


  •   Duty completed Fujairah Import Bill of Entry
  •   Original Supplier's Invoice¬†
  •   Certificate of Origin
  •   Packing list
  •   Delivery Order
  •   Copy of Trade license
  •   Israeli Boycott Certificate

Additional Documents

For Foodstuffs and Agricultural Products, a Health Certificate is required. In the absence of Original Documents, copies may be lodged together with a small deposit.


All Cargo being exported via Fujairah Sea and Air Ports has to be declared to the Dept. of Customs, Fujairah, along with a Fujairah Bill of Entry supported with a commercial invoice.


All cargo being re-exported via Fujairah Sea and Air Ports should be supported with a Fujairah Re-export Bill of Entry. In the case of goods controlled by quotas, a copy of the Certificate of Origin/Visa Stamp must be attached.

In the case of vehicles, copies of Traffic Police Clearance papers must be produced. Free Zone clients may utitize any of the UAE ports and airports for the movement of their goods in and out of the country benefiting from customs duty exemptions.

Fujairah Freezone License

Investors can obtain up to 100% ownership operational license under the following categories according to their lease agreement with the authority:

Trading & General Trading License

Authorised to import, export and re-export agreed and specified commodities. The licence entitles the investor to carry out import, export and re-export freely in the Free Zone and outside the UAE For focal distribution, the Authority can arrange special permits with the relevant Government departments for hassle-free operations.

Warehousing License

Can be obtained on leasing warehousing facilities. This licence entitles the investor to use the warehouse as a hub for major distribution, benefiting storage and packaging of goods.

Manufacturing License

Obtained on approval and implementation of the project. All projects must be fully insured including manpower and machinery. All manufacturing licence approvals are subject to the identification of the following:

  •   Area requirements - built-up and open space
  •   Electricity, water and manpower requirements
  •   Environmental aspects of the project

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