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Commercial License in Dubai

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A commercial License in Dubai permits the investor to conduct any sort of commercial activity in UAE. Commercial activities include trading specialized goods. It includes items such as foodstuffs, building materials, chemicals, toys, fabric, furniture, and more.

The investor in Dubai, UAE has to get the Commercial trade License to operate their business in the region. Basically, there are two business jurisdictions in UAE where a wide range of commercial activities are available. It is the Mainland and Free Zone that offer Commercial license in Dubai to entrepreneurs.

Obtaining a Commercial License in Dubai is mandatory for the investor to start a trading company. Additionally, Dubai's Commercial Company License allows for a wide variety of business activities. Hence, while choosing the business jurisdiction, investors must ensure the business activities are available.

Why Choose Dubai?

Dubai is a best location for investors to set up a commercial trading company. It has the lowest corporate tax, world-class infrastructure, and an economy that is open for business. Additionally, the city offers many advantages to those looking to start their commercial trading venture.

Furthermore, the ease of setting up a company in any location within the city and affordable rents make Dubai an ideal place for entrepreneurs. While starting a Commercial Company in Dubai there are ways to keep the rental cost low. The investors can get a warehouse or office space in any industrial area or business centers away from the main city.

AURION will assist investors in easily finding a suitable office space or warehouse in industrial areas, commercial buildings, Free Trade Zones, etc.

How to get a Commercial License in Dubai?

Commercial Licenses in Dubai are available from the Free Trade Zones or the Mainland. The investor must make the required payment and submit the documents to get the License from the authority.

Also, they can seek the help of expert Business Consultants in Dubai. The Consultants will help in choosing the right business activities. Furthermore, they will guide investors through the steps to get a Commercial License in Dubai in the most comfortable way. The process of applying for a Commercial License in the Dubai Free Zone and Mainland (Dubai Economy) is almost similar. The Licensing authorities and few regulations vary across the business jurisdictions.

A Commercial License from Dubai Mainland will cost about AED 24,500. The office rent is an extra cost for the entrepreneur depending on their specific requirements. Similarly, in the Free Zones of Dubai, the cost of a Commercial License starts from AED 12,500. It goes up to AED 50,000 based on the visa quota, office rent, License Type, etc. The investors must follow the below steps to get the Commercial License in Dubai, UAE.

Steps in Applying for a Commercial License in Dubai?

For obtaining a Commercial License in Dubai, there are a few pre-defined steps. The Free Zones in UAE and the Dubai Economy have these steps to ease the business licensing process. Hence, it will help in faster processing of the Commercial License in UAE by the respective authorities.

The entrepreneurs need to follow the below steps to apply for a commercial license in Dubai.

  •   Firstly, choose the list of business activities and decide on a trading name
  •   Secondly, get the Trade Name Approved by the respective authorities
  •   Submit all the documents to the authorities for processing the Commercial License. Also, make the necessary payment.
  •   Take an Office space if required. ( it is advisable to have an office or warehouse for Commercial Companies to manage their inventory)
  •   The Business Consultants will help prepare the tenancy contract and other required documents for the office space. They will coordinate it with the Free Zone or Mainland Authorities.
  •   Get a Commercial License and start business operations legally in the UAE.
  •   Finally, proceed to open a business bank account for the company through AURION's partner banking service providers.

Commercial License from the Mainland of Dubai

Obtaining a Trade License from the Mainland of Dubai has many benefits for investors. Additionally, the Commercial License allows them to easily trade their desired items in UAE and abroad. In the Mainland of Dubai, the licensing authority will be Dubai Economy.

The Dubai Economy governs the company operations in the Dubai Mainland and provides business administration support such as special approvals, trade license amendments, preparation of the Memorandum of Association, other legal attestations, and more.

There are many advantages for the investor in setting up a commercial trading company in Dubai. Entrepreneurs can set up their Commerical Trading Companies in any location in Dubai and reduce rent expenses.

They can get a warehouse or office space in any industrial area or commercial building away from the main city. Also, obtaining a Commercial License from the Mainland of Dubai will allow the investors to easily target the local UAE market and expand their retail presence in the region.

Commercial License from the Free Zones of Dubai

Taking a Trade License from the Free Zones is ideal for those entrepreneurs who are majorly focusing on international trade. Commercial License is available in all Free Trade Zones in Dubai and UAE region.

Obtaining a Commercial License from a Dubai-based Free Zone will give access to a variety of facilities. The Free Zones offer amenities such as customized office spaces, storage facilities, in-house customs check in certain free zones, long list of related activities to choose from for the trading company.

The Zero Customs Duty for imports to the Free Zone can be beneficial for trading companies to reduce operating expenses and easily facilitate international exports.

Free Zones of Dubai such as Dubai CommerCity, Dubai Airport Free Zone, Jebel Ali Free Zone, etc., offer exceptional facilities for trading companies. They have warehouses with various specifications and facilities that are best fit for a wide range of commercial activities.

Hence, for an investor, there are distinct advantages to obtaining a Trade License from Dubai mainland or Free Zones. Depending on the nature of the business the entrepreneur can choose the right business jurisdiction.

How Will Aurion help in obtaining the Commercial License in Dubai?

Expert Business Consultants such as Aurion will guide the investor in obtaining Commercial License in Dubai. The seasoned Consultants will also assist in choosing the right list of business activities, business jurisdiction, and office or warehouse facilities.

The team will also coordinate getting a digital bank account from WIO Bank. Investors can easily open a zero-balance account for their company. Also, Aurion is associated with all major banks in UAE for opening a corporate bank account for your company.

Get in touch with us to know more about the trade License in Dubai and other business support services AURION offers you.

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