How to get a Co-Working Spaces in UAE Free Zones?

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UAE is transformed into a smart hub and an investor-favorite business center for establishing a company. Co-Working Spaces in UAE are gaining popularity among investors. Also, the Free Zones and Mainland provide Co-working Spaces at low cost for entrepreneurs.

So, investors can get a Co-Working Space in UAE Free Zones by taking a virtual license and opting for a Flexi-Desk or Shared office for their company. 

Coworking space in UAE

What are Co-Working Spaces in UAE?

Co-working Spaces in UAE are basically Share-desk or Flexi-Desk facilities for investors to work for specific hours in a day. It is a great option to save the initial setup fees and office rent.

Start-ups and Freelance choose Co-Working spaces in UAE initially to manage their expenses and make a profit from the assignments. The Free Zone in UAE has dedicated Co-Working spaces for investors who opt for a virtual company license.

Thus, Co-working spaces have many advantages over fully customized office spaces. It is a perfect choice for entrepreneurs who are building a new client base and expanding the market. 

Why Should an Investor Choose a Co-Working Space in UAE?

The business scenario in UAE is at a growth phase with more start-ups entering the market. Freelancers and entrepreneurs are exploring new market opportunities constantly and co-working spaces are perfect to start with and then scale up to a fully customized office space in the free zone.

1. Flexibility

Co-Working spaces in UAE provide entrepreneurs the flexibility to work in their desired comfort and not bound by a typical office setup. So, it helps the entrepreneur to focus more on the core business and reduce the burden of operating expenses.

Also, most of the co-working spaces in UAE have 24-hour access and the investor can plan their day and split jobs and take care of a family along with having a fully concentrated workspace.

2. Convenience

Convenience is the key to co-working spaces in UAE. The ability to keep the cash flow low and choose the working space on demand is a win for co-working spaces.

Thus, the investors can choose the workplace according to the requirement and volume of work. They can keep the operational expense at an all-time low at the same time focus on the core business activity more effectively.

3. Networking Opportunities

There are immense networking opportunities in co-working spaces in UAE. Like-minded innovators and entrepreneurs can share business ideas and collaborate on projects.

Hence, entrepreneurs can easily strike up conversations and ideate for new projects. Also, co-working spaces are a perfect launchpad for start-up applications to test the audience.

Co-working space in dubai

Subsequently, the Co-working spaces in UAE also conduct frequent professional development workshops, regular networking events, etc., that will help build business contacts and gain new customers. Also, it is a perfect place for word-of-mouth marketing and will amplify your visibility for you as an entrepreneur.

4. Amenities & Services

Co-working spaces have world-class infrastructure and modern amenities to keep entrepreneurs active around the clock. It has every business support system that will easily help in scaling up your venture.

Hence, most of the co-working spaces across the world have the following in common:

  • Meeting rooms- Conference rooms for calls, meetings, with potential clients, and holding strategic discussions
  • Break Spaces- Outdoor areas, pool tables, and lounges
  • Office Stationery – Office furniture, Flexi-desks, office stationery
  • Cafes & Restaurants – Free Coffee, fruits, basic appliances fridge & microwave, etc.
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Co-working spaces

5. Work-Life Balance

Co-working spaces help the entrepreneur to plan their day more effectively and be free of distractions while they are focused on work. Thus, they can access their workspace at any convenient time and maintain a healthy work-life balance by being with family and friends too during their off-peak hours.

Also, the 24-hour access to Co-Working spaces in UAE allows entrepreneurs to spread their work and errands to a 24-hour window.

Free Zones in UAE – Co-Working Spaces Available

The Free Trade Zones in UAE play a vital role in the progress of business and commerce in the region. The start-up growth in UAE is powered by the cost-effective business license and freelance license package.

free zone Coworking Spaces in UAE

Hence, most of the Free Trade Zones in the UAE offer co-working spaces and Flexi-Desk office areas for freelancers and entrepreneurs to easily start and scale up their business ventures. 

Co-Working Spaces in Dubai Free Zones

With the start-up revolution in Dubai and more foreign investors focusing on setting up their base in the region, the demand for Co-Working spaces is skyrocketing.

Additionally, in the Free Zones and Mainland, there is a boom of Co-Working spaces. Entrepreneurs opt for doing their work by paying for the business infrastructure and allied utilities on a pay-as-you-use model.

1. Dubai Silicon Oasis – IFZA

Dubai Silicon Oasis-IFZA is the fastest growing Free Trade Zone that has exclusive company formation packages for start-ups and innovators. The Free Trade Zone offers a host of cost-effective business setup packages available for entrepreneurs.

IFZA offers a low-cost business license package with a flexi-desk and shared office setup for the investors. The business license cost starts from AED 17,300 for setting up a One Visa Quota company in the Free Zone

IFZA Dubai offers the perfect platform for start-ups to thrive. The business infrastructure, virtual events, Free Zone Authority support, business ecosystem are all ideal for the start-ups to grow.

The straightforward company formation process, faster UAE residence visa process, Dubai Address, proximity to Business Centers of UAE, etc., are add-ons for the popularity of this Free Zone among start-ups and entrepreneurs.

2. DMCC – Dubai Multi Commodities Centre

DMCC Dubai offers cost-effective business setup packages for investors. There are approved Co-Working spaces in DMCC Free Zone that investors can sign up with after receiving the business license from the Free Zone.

Read more: DMCC Business Setup Packages

3. Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority

Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority (DAFZA) is the most prestigious Free Trade Zone in the UAE. Globally investors are looking at establishing a company in Dubai Free Zone for experiencing the host of business benefits the Free Zone is offering for the investors.

The prestigious Dubai Address, access to world-class business infrastructure, being part of a niche business network, etc., makes Dubai Airport Free Zone the first choice for global investors.

There are Flexi-Desk and Shared offices available for entrepreneurs to kick-start their business activities. They can later expand to a full-fledged office space in the Free Zone.

Co-Working Spaces in Sharjah Free Zones

Following are a few of the Free Trade Zones in Sharjah that offer Co-working Spaces for investors at competitive prices and top-class facilities. Connect with our expert team to know more about the process of obtaining a Co-working Space in UAE for your company.

1. Sharjah Media City

The Sharjah Media City (SHAMS) is a dynamic Free Trade Zone offering start-ups cost-effective business setup packages.

To start a consultancy company, the Free Zone business license package starts from as low as AED 9,200 for a Zero visa quota. It offers a wide range of business activities and business infrastructure for entrepreneurs to easily set up and scale up their business ventures.

Sharjah Media City also offers affordable media as well as trading licenses. A Freelance Permit can be obtained for a special discount package of AED 5750 with a Zero visa quota.

Also, the Flexi-Desk office spaces can be availed for a monthly rate or pay-as-you-go basis.

2. Sharjah Publishing City

Sharjah Publishing City is another newly formed Free Zone in the Emirate of Sharjah. It offers special business license packages for entrepreneurs to easily scale up their business by keeping the company setup cost low.

Investors can obtain a trade license from SPC Free Zone for a cost of AED 5,750 for a Zero Visa Quota company. Entrepreneurs can upgrade to business license packages with visa quotas and fully furnished office types accordingly to their business requirements.

From Flexi-Desk to Executive offices, the Free Zone offers investors several kinds of office spaces and business support services.

In conclusion, the Co-working Spaces in UAE are receiving great traction among entrepreneurs for their low cost. It is the perfect option for an investor who is beginning company operations in the country.

Also, the cost of a Co-Working Space is generally lower than a full-fledged office space. Hence Entrepreneurs prefer a Co-working space and start working there initially and take a full-fledged office as they expand.

To know more about Freelance business licenses, and co-working spaces in UAE, connect with our expert business consultants right away!


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