Investor Visa Types in UAE – How Company Formation helps in Settling in UAE with Family?

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UAE is a major trade and economic hub of the Middle East. It has grown to an investor’s favorite location for establishing business and settling down with the family. There are various investor visa types in UAE that will help in conducting business and settling down with family.

The ease of doing business in UAE, the robust business ecosystem, improved lifestyle, secured corporate banking network, lowest crime rates, etc., make UAE the perfect destination for establishing a company.

Why is Investor Visa a Popular Visa Category in UAE?

For business owners, there is a separate visa category known as the Investor or partner visa. Business Owners can register their companies in the mainland, or Free Zones and can apply for the investor visa.

Investor Visa in Dubai

Investor Visa in UAE allows an individual to manage a company of their own and sponsor employees and family members under the newly incorporated company.

Based on the location where the company is established the entrepreneur can apply for the UAE Investor visa.

How to Get a Dubai Investor Visa?

In Dubai, the entrepreneur can obtain an investor visa in two ways –

  1. Registering a Mainland Company
  2. Incorporating a Free Zone Company

There is one more popular way of obtaining an investor visa in Dubai and that through property purchase of a residential apartment, or a villa worth value (current sale price) above AED 1 Million for a 3-year visa, and AED 5 Million or above for a 5-year visa.

Also, there is a 10-Year investors visa where the applicant must invest about 40% of the total investment value (AED 10 million) in real estate in UAE and the rest in any business establishments or funds in the region.

Documents Required for Obtaining an Investor Visa in Dubai Mainland

  • Passport copy
  • Photograph with white background
  • Memorandum of association for the company
  • Copy of the Local Sponsor Agreement with UAE Nationality
  • Immigration Establishment Card
  • Trade License
  • Office Space Lease Agreement
  • Bank Statement for last 3 months

How to Apply for Dubai Investor Visa?

In Dubai Mainland, the Investor Visa can be applied in Amer Centres across the city.

After registering the company and obtaining the trade license, the entry permit for the entrepreneur must be applied if he/she is not in UAE currently (if in UAE, apply for the changing status by paying the in-country status change fees).

Steps in Applying Dubai Investor Visa

Once the confirmation of change status is received, the investor visa will be stamped on the entrepreneur’s passport. The required visa stamping fee must be paid to obtain the Investor Visa in Dubai.

The required documents must be submitted to the Amer Center for processing of the investor visa.

There will Extra charge for the medical testing and Emirates ID. The immigration Establishment Card would be required for applying for the investor visa.

Dubai Investor Visa for Free Zone company

The Free Zones in Dubai plays a vital role in attracting significant foreign investment through facilitating company formation.

It also provides the required infrastructure and support functionality to entrepreneurs wishing to invest and settle in UAE.

There is a steady growth in economic activities that are centered around the Free Zones of UAE.

Free Zones in UAE – Major Highlights

The major highlight of a Free Zone company formation is the 100% foreign ownership, ease of business setup, and the tax savings from VAT while being in a VAT Exempted Free Zone.

Investor Visa in Dubai Free Zone

Free Zones are the favorite choice of foreign entrepreneurs for company incorporation due to the umpteen business benefits and the ease of setting up a company.

Also, obtaining an investor visa is hassle-free with the Free Zone.

How to Obtain Investor Visa for Free Zone Company?

For Obtaining the investor visa for a Free Zone Company, the following documents are submitted to the respective Free Zone Authority.

  • Investor passport copy & photograph (white background)
  • Establishment Card for the Company
  • Company Trade License
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Tenancy Contract for the Office
  • Bank Statement for 3-6 months

It usually takes 5 to 7 working days to complete the whole process of processing the investor visa.

Starting from applying for the visa to the final stamping of the investor visa on the passport the process is streamlined by the immigration authorities in UAE.

Depending on the Free Zones, the time taken to process the investor visa varies as the schedule of processing the visas differs across the Free Zones.

10-Year and 5-Year Investor Visa (Golden Visa)

UAE Government has launched a long-term Golden Visa to boost the economy and provide a platform for long-term investments in the region.

The long-term investor visa enables entrepreneurs to extend their tenure and expand their business investments in UAE.

There is a set of criteria specified by the UAE Government for the investors to be eligible for the investor visa.

To know more about it, read the criteria for Golden Visa in UAE here.

Other Residence Visas Launched in UAE

To make UAE a global tourist, family-friendly, and business-centric country, UAE Government has a list of specific UAE Residence Visas for individuals from different walks of life.

There a student visa for students studying in UAE colleges with the eligibility to sponsor their parents by meeting specific criteria.

Similarly, there is a retirement visa for ex-pats aged above 55 years subjected to few criteria such as having a financial saving of more than AED 1 million, property investment of value more than AED 2 million, etc.

To know more about various UAE residence Visa and steps in obtaining an investor Visa in UAE, connect with our expert team right away!

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