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UAE is a matured IT hub with numerous Software, information technology, and digital companies strengthening their presence in the region. There are various options to start a website and app development company in the UAE. The cost of obtaining a web development services license in UAE starts from AED 11,800 for Zero Visa Quota.

Growing Demand for Web & App Development Companies

The demand for Web Development in UAE is growing steadfast with a lot of companies in the UAE looking for a technology and marketing partner for developing and promoting their app.

Mobile App Development Company in UAE
Mobile App Development Company in UAE

Two business jurisdiction to choose for setting up the Web Development company in UAE is the Free Zone and Mainland.

There are dedicated Free Zones in Dubai that offer customized company setup package for app development companies.

Free Zones of UAE offers a perfect ecosystem for tech and marketing companies to launch their services easily in a cost-effective way.

Free Zones Business License for Web & App Development Services

Dubai Airport Free Zone

The Dubai Airport Free Zone is the most prestigious and top-class Free Zone in UAE. Global Multi-National Companies (MNCs) and top Small & Medium Companies (SMEs) have their Head Quarters in DAFZA.

DAFZA offers competitive company setup packages with a wide range of business activities in all business categories.

Specifically, for App & Website Development, there is an IT Service License and a wide selection of office types – Shared, Flexi-Desk, Executive Office, and more.

Check out the latest Company Setup Packages from DAFZA here.

More Free Zones Providing IT Service License in UAE

In UAE, there are other Free Zones such as the Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai Entrepreneur and Technology Campus, IFZA Dubai, Sharjah Media City, that offer specific business licenses in IT services.

All these Free Zones have Company Setup Packages at competitive prices. They also have a world-class business infrastructure and ecosystem to support your App Development Company.

Expert Business Consultants at Aurion will assess your business requirement precisely and suggest to you the right free zone to set up your company.

9 Things to Know for Starting an App Development Company

The Mobile App development market is in a growth phase currently with companies across industry sectors aiming to digitize their services and tap into new markets.

In modern times, a new mobile application must have a great design, usability, and engaging enough to be used by the audience. Also, for the profitability of the overall venture, here are few things to consider.

Checklist for App Development Company to Follow

There is an umpteen number of small and large App Development Companies around, to stand out from the competition, follow the below checklist.

As an App Development Company, the team must be equipped in providing the clients with a comprehensive solution and not just develop an app.

The business implication and profitability of the App must be assessed before you begin a project. It must be done at the consulting level to avoid any misalignment at a future stage.

These are the Must-Haves before signing up for a project for the successful implementation of a Mobile App.

1. Product Ideation

Before beginning the App Development, the ideation of the final product and the timelines must be decided.

APP Development Company in Dubai
Mobile App Development Company in UAE

Also, the conceptualization, feasibility, resource requirements must be assessed in detail for the successful completion and shipping it out to the market on time.

2. Market Research

Conduct Market Research and identify the market response and need for an application. The objective of the Mobile App must be clear.

Also identifying the right target audience is essential for the app to receive the desired attention and downloads. 

3. Technical Specification

Decide on the technical requirements, platforms- iOS, Android, windows; and the technology with which the app is to be built.

All these technical specifications are helpful in the later stages of app development, maintenance, and distribution of the app.

4. On-board the Right Team

Getting the right talent is crucial in the overall success of the Mobile App. You would require designers, programmers, marketing professionals, etc., to collectively contribute to the development of the application.

5. Define the Business Plan

Create a robust business plan for the client involving the stages of the app development and financial projections on how profitable the app would be.

Not every app is built for profitability, it might be acting as a vital resource or a support system for the clients.

Structure of the business plan with all relevant details about the lifecycle, objectives, monetization plans, and other action items.

6. Build the App Prototype

Before launching the final app, create a fully functional prototype and share it with the target audience sample.

This will help in gathering feedback from the users about the functionality. Analyze the feedback and implement the changes and launch the final version.

7. Identify Monetization Methods

If the client’s objective is for monetizing the app, suggest various options available – Free Apps, Paid (Premium Services), In-App purchase, Subscription Model, Sponsorships, etc.

8. Explore Marketing Opportunities

Devise marketing strategies to successfully promote the app usage and download rates. This is where the branding, PR, outreach, collaboration, enhance web presence, etc. comes into action.

9. Provide Frequent Updates

Once the Mobile App is live offer regular updates of the App with any bug fixes, security features, enhancements, etc.

It will help in the overall enhancement of the app and gain more reputation among clients as a trusted App Development Company

To know more about opening an App Development Company in Dubai talk to our expert business consultants right away!

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