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How Tax Residency in UAE can help Investors from Germany, Italy, the UK, and the Rest of Europe?

UAE is becoming the most popular trade and economic hub in the world. Tax Residency in UAE is a legal document that is beneficial for companies and individuals living in the country. However, they must be having a permanent establishment in UAE for at least a year. The Government offers various incentives such as Tax Residency to attract foreign investors...

How to Apply for Residence Visa in UAE – Types of UAE Residence Visa Explained

There is no better time to settle down in UAE for the expat population with their family. UAE is offering long-term residence visas, green visas, freelance visas, etc.
The investor visa is one of the most preferred visa options in the UAE among entrepreneurs. The investor visa validity is mostly for 3-years in the free zone and 2 years in the mainland.
The 100% foreign ownership, no income tax and corporate tax, full profit repatriation, favourable business environment, etc., makes Dubai a perfect choice for business investment and establishing a company.