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Sharjah is a growing business hub of UAE and it has a few top-rated Free Trade Zones for setting up a company and growing the business. Investors prefer company formation in Sharjah mainly due to the availability of low-cost company packages available across various Free Zones in the Emirate.

Also, the cost of company formation in the Sharjah mainland is comparatively lower than in Dubai. Similarly, the Free Zones of Sharjah is the perfect choice for company formation as they offer cost-effective company formation packages. The investor can easily register a company at the lowest cost.

Due to the growing demand from the investors, there are few new Free Zones in Sharjah that offer exclusive company formation packages and related services to entrepreneurs. Also, the Company formation in Sharjah Free Zones start at AED 8,050 for a Zero Visa Quota License.

Why Choose Sharjah for Company Formation?

The Emirate of Sharjah is an ideal choice for company formation as it offer various business packages at a low cost. Also, the business infrastructure and facilities of Free Zones and Mainland in Sharjah are moreover at par with those in Dubai.

Free Zones in Sharjah are one of the main choice for investors when it comes to company formation. The Free Zones are all strategically located in Sharjah and cater to a wide range of business requirements.

For example, the SAIF Zone is strategically located in proximity to Sharjah International Airport and the Khalid Port which is one of the busiest sea ports in the middle east region.

Additionally, the availability of low-cost labor, cheap warehouse rents, availability of land for manufacturing units, well-connected transport links, etc., makes Sharjah an ideal choice for setting up a company.

Company Formation in Sharjah

Hence, investors to keep the company formation cost low prefer the emirate of Sharjah for setting up their business.

The Free Zones in Sharjah offers world-class amenities at an affordable cost. Also, the apartments for rent and other entertainment activities come at a low cost when compared to Dubai.

Sharjah Free Zones offer investors a wide range of business benefits including 100% foreign ownership. 100% profit repatriation, Zero taxation, customized office spaces, specific warehouse requirements, and more.

Hence company formation in Sharjah is an ideal choice for foreign investors to start their business at the lowest cost and scale it up easily.

Company Formation Process in Sharjah

The company formation process in Sharjah starts with selecting the right business jurisdiction. There is mainland of Sharjah and the Free Zones. Hence, investors must choose the right jurisdiction for their company.

The process of company formation in Sharjah is best to be carried out with the assistance of an expert business consultant. AURION will provide complete assistance in the company formation process in all the Free Zones in Sharjah and also in the Sharjah Mainland.

AURION will guide you throughout the company formation process in Sharjah. After selecting the right business jurisdiction, proceed to get the name approval for the company. Depending on the business jurisdiction, submit the approval.

In Free Zones it is not a mandatory requirement of having an office space for obtaining a business license. Make the fee payment and submit the investor details along with the application form to obtain the business license.

Top Free Zones in Sharjah for Company Formation

Here is a list of the Top Free Zones in Sharjah for company formation at the lowest cost. The Free Zones in Sharjah has a long list of business activities that the investors can choose for setting up the company.

1. Sharjah Airport International Free Zone

Sharjah Airport International Free Zone is a dynamic Free Trade Zone located in Sharjah adjacent to the Sharjah International Airport. The Free Trade Zone offers a wide range of business activities and business amenities for the investors to easily set up their company.

Company Formation in Sharjah Airport Free zone follows a structured process with minimal paper works and faster processing of the business license. Ranging from project management consulting, to aviation maintenance, to industrial automation, the Free Zone has a wide range of business activities.

Company Formation in Sharjah Free Zone

Sharjah Airport Free Zone attracts investors due to the availability of diverse business license types. From service license to trading license and industrial license, SAIF Zone has it all for the investors.

Company formation in Sharjah Airport Free Zone starts at AED 10,800 for an office license package with a shared desk and up to 3 visa quotas. Numerous company formation packages are tailored for the investor requirements.

2. Hamriyah Free Zone

Hamriyah Free Zone is a popular industrial hub of the UAE that is home to numerous top companies in the region and abroad. It is a robust industrial Free Zone that offers a perfect business infrastructure for strategic industry sectors such as oil & gas, manufacturing, assembling, and more.

Situated in proximity to the Khalid Port, Hamriyah Free Zone is also well connected by road with the rest of UAE and GCC regions. When it comes to company formation in Sharjah, Hamriyah Free Zone is the first choice for heavy equipment trading, general trading, import-export and more.

Office and Warehouse Facilities at Hamriyah Free Zone

From office space ranging from shared office to executive office space and different sizes of warehouses, Hamriyah Free Zone has it all for the investor. The business center package starts at AED 8,000 (offer price) for 1 visa quota trading company.

The warehouses in Hamriyah start from 400 Sq. m area and the package price on offer is AED 121, 500, along with the incorporation fee of AED 9000 for the trading license. There are also various land lease rates available in the Free Zone for establishing large manufacturing units.

3. Sharjah Media City

Sharjah Media City is one of the fastest-growing Free Trade Zone in Sharjah. It is home to numerous media and creative companies, start-ups, and freelancers. It is a perfect option for company formation in Sharjah especially for entertainment, art, and creative companies.

The Free Zone has a lot of business activities and business license types. It has a robust business network and start-up ecosystem ready for new entrepreneurs to easily scale up their business ventures through collaboration.

Sharjah Media City contributes significantly to the company formation in Sharjah by attracting new entrepreneurs to set up their business in the Free Zone and contribute to the economy of Sharjah and UAE as a whole.

4. Sharjah Publishing City

Sharjah Publishing City is a dedicated Free Zone for media, print, and publication. It also offers numerous business activities in other fields of business operation such as consulting IT Services, engineering, project management, and more.

Investors can benefit from the low-cost company formation in Sharjah Publishing City. It offers Flexi-desk and co-working packages and specialized business setup packages for freelancers and start-ups.

Company Formation in SPC

Sharjah Publishing City has more than 1500+ business activities that the investors can choose to set up their company at the lowest cost. Company formation in Sharjah Publishing City starts from AED 9000 for a Zero visa quota business license,

Depending on the business requirements the investor can choose an office space and the right business activity from the Free Zone and set up their business.

5. Sharjah Research and Technology Park

The Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park is a growing start-up hub of the UAE. The Free Zone offers a perfect Launchpad for start-ups to test and launch their products at the lowest cost.

The Free Zone offers a host of business infrastructure and amenities such as customized office spaces, meeting rooms, conference halls, common meeting areas, IT solutions, easy company registration processes, and more.

It helps the investor to easily scale up their business and achieve faster business growth. There are significant cost savings for the investor in choosing Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park.

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Hence, overall Sharjah has numerous options for company formation. The Emirate offers the perfect infrastructure facilities and low cost company packages for easily setting up a company.

The Free Zones of Sharjah play a vital role in providing the investors with the right company package for the specific business requirement. Investors can seamlessly setup their company in Sharjah and continue business operations without any hassle.

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