Who are the best Business Setup Consultants in Dubai?

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Business Setup Consultants in Dubai play a vital role in guiding an investor to establish a company in Dubai. Additionally, there are various aspects in which the consultants will support the entrepreneurs throughout their business journey.

The best business setup consultants in Dubai will assist you in all steps involved in setting up a company and managing the company operations. Expert Business Consultants such as Aurion will support entrepreneurs in all stages of their business and not only company incorporation.

There are multiple processes to follow for an entrepreneur while setting up a company in Dubai. So, it depends on their business requirement, complexity of business, and nature of business operations.

Best Business Setup Consultants in Dubai

Business Consultants will help in providing the most hassle-free company formation and related business support services to the investors. There are various aspects to consider during the company incorporation process and for the smooth functioning of a company.

Hence, Business Consultants play a vital role in paving the way for the investor to successfully continue their business operations in the UAE in the most comfortable way.

Benefits of having the Best Business Setup Consultant in Dubai?

There are various benefits to having the best business setup consultant in Dubai as your advisory and corporate service provider.

The expert Business Consultants will provide the entrepreneurs with the right advice on how to set up their company in Dubai. Also, they will walk through the steps to follow to ensure the process is followed the right way.

1. Strategic Advice

The Business Setup Consultants are helpful to entrepreneurs when it comes to getting strategic advice on effectively setting up a company in Dubai.

Furthermore, they will provide a holistic view of the business landscape, legislation, government policies, business support infrastructure, business regulations, office space/warehouse requirements, banking support services, and other business support services.

Business Consultants will help save significant costs for the entrepreneur right from company incorporation. Also, they will provide advice on the best and most economical company formation package for the entrepreneur to easily start their business operations.

2. Precise Decision Making

Having a renowned business Consultant who knows the legislation, company formation process, business knowledge, and good rapport with the business licensing authorities, is the right fit, especially for a new entrepreneur in Dubai.

Being one of the best business setup consultants in Dubai, Aurion provides precise advice to investors after identifying their specific business requirements. The investors can make an informed decision on establishing a company in Dubai.

Best Business Setup Consultants in UAE

The Business Consultant will provide all the required information to the investor and empower them to choose what is best for their business.

The Business Consultants will be well aware of the multiple business setup packages from various Free Trade Zones and the mainland in Dubai. Choosing the right Business Licensing Authority and activity

3. Choosing the right Business Licensing Authority and Activity

Dubai has numerous Free Trade Zones, so choosing the right business licensing authority is a challenging task. Similarly, the Free zones in Dubai offer more than 3000 business activities to start a company.

So, for first-time investors and entrepreneurs, it is a daunting task to find the right business activities and Free Trade Zone to set up their company. Expert business consultants will advise the investors with the most cost-effective package that suits all their business requirements.

4. Business Planning, Local Market, and Industry expertise

For entrepreneurs to venture into the local Dubai market, plan their business operations, and expand their business aggressively, having an experienced Business Consultant in Dubai is helpful.

The best Business Consultants in Dubai will provide you with a complete package including the company setup, office/warehouse space, visa quota, and more. They play a vital role in supporting entrepreneurs with all the required support for launching a company successfully in Dubai.

The Business Consultants will provide assistance with business planning, venture into the local market, taking the right office space, and warehouse facility, opening a bank account, coordinating for  UAE Residence Visa, and more.

5. Legal Formalities & Company Laws

The best Business Consultants in Dubai will be well aware of the business legislation, Commercial Company Laws, all the latest executive committee decisions, other business laws and regulations, etc. The Business Consultants will guide the entrepreneurs on their company setup and business operations in Dubai.

The best Business Consultants in Dubai will provide the right advice to the investor to avoid any legal pitfalls while they conduct regular business operations in the region and overseas.

Business Setup Consultants in Dubai

There are separate regulations for Free Zone Companies, then there are complaint policies from the Central Bank of UAE, then Shareholder Ownership Declaration (UBO- Ultimate Beneficiary Ownership), etc.

Similarly, there are VAT and Corporate Tax regulations, Economic Substance Regulation (ESR), and more. So, entrepreneurs must have a fair knowledge of the legal formalities of operating a company.

6. Banking Services Support

The best Business Consultants in Dubai will offer a host of value-added services to entrepreneurs. They will have specialized banking service support from all major banks in the UAE as well as internationally.

Expert Business Consultants at AURION will guide the investors with the steps in obtaining a Corporate Bank Account. There are a few complaint processes to be met to proceed with the bank account opening.

Depending on the business activity type, office space, and nature of business, the entrepreneur can apply for a corporate bank account and submit the documents for verification and to clear the KYC requirements.

The expert Banking Associates at AURION will guide you with the paperwork, documentation, and bank account processing. The team will help the investor with specific business requirements related to the bank account opening.

Also, they will provide support in utilizing other financial products of the bank such as credit card cheques, saving accounts, insurance, and investment according to the investor’s preferences and requirements.

Why is Aurion one of the Top Business Setup Consultant in Dubai for 2024?

We were selected as one of the top 3 business setup consultants in Dubai by Asia One Pvt. Ltd in 2023. The Best Consultant Award is a testimonial to the dedication and operational excellence the company delivered in the corporate services sector over the period of 15 years and more.

The company has got several awards for the exceptional business operations in the Corporate Services sector in the UAE. Aurion got the best business setup consultants Award 2023 from RAKEZ Free Zone Authority for its robust business support services and bringing foreign investors to the Free Zone.

In 2024, AURION already incorporated significant number of companies and handled PRO and Business Support work of many companies in the region. Being one of the Top business setup consultants, in 2024, the company aims to render services to many more new companies that will be registering their trade name across various Free Zones and Mainland of UAE.

The Top Business Setup Consultants in 2024 will provide comprehensive business support services to the investors. They will guide the investors in every stage starting from choosing a business activity, to taking special approval for office space, opening of bank account. and beyond.

So, in conclusion, the Best Business Setup Consultants in Dubai, AURION plays a vital role in supporting entrepreneurs in the business journey completely. Starting from company incorporation to various stages of business operations, the expert Business Consultants at AURION are here to support the investors.

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