How to Start a Manpower Supply Company in the UAE?

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Starting a Manpower Supply Company in the UAE is a prospective business idea. There is a growing demand for meeting the large staffing requirements prevailing in developed and developing countries.

A Manpower Supply company in UAE provides staff to large enterprises to meet the workforce requirements at all levels. Starting from ground-level workers such as in a factory assembly line or a manufacturing unit to high-level software programming and Customer Service Centers, there is a growing demand for Contract Employees.

Manpower Supply Company in UAE – Highlights

Large enterprises find outsourcing the staff of certain functional areas to Manpower Supply Companies more feasible than employing in-house staff. The Manpower Supply Company will source the staff and fulfill the enterprise’s productivity requirements.

Additionally, some industries require large manpower with skilled expertise (Blue Collar Workers Mostly). Industries such as manufacturing, oil and gas, hospitality, wholesale, retail, etc. Companies seek assistance from Manpower Supply Company to meet their recruitment requirements.

Manpower Supply Company in UAE

Many Companies in the UAE look for trusted Manpower supply providers to fulfill their hiring requirements. Most companies do not want to take the risk of making a wrong hire and losing money and time in the long run.

Scope a Manpower Supply Company in the UAE

Furthermore, many companies will require manpower to complete short-term and long-term projects. These employees will be on contract for the project and will be talented in certain professions such as engineering, consulting, software development, and more.

Manpower Supply companies that can match the company’s requirements with the right staffing solution will have a win. There are huge opportunities for Manpower supply companies as there is a rising demand for ground-level staff across large management groups.

So, the scope of a Manpower Supply company is vast and depends on the specific requirements of the recruiter or the company.

How to set up a Manpower Supply Company in UAE?

A Manpower Supply Company can be set up in UAE in the Free Trade Zones or the Mainland of UAE. Depending on the business requirements, the investor can choose their business location in UAE.

To start the Manpower Supply Company with ease, going ahead with a comprehensive package from any of the Free Trade Zones in UAE is advisable.

Setup a Manpower Supply Company

The Free Zones in UAE will provide all-inclusive packages for investors to easily set up a Manpower Supply company. The customized office spaces, availability of advanced business infrastructure, business governance, business networking events, etc., the Free Zone offer to the investor makes it the perfect choice for foreign investors.

Steps in Setting up a Manpower Supply Company

A new Manpower Supply company can be set up in the Free Zones of UAE at a minimal cost and by following a few easy steps.

1. Choose the right Free Zone

There are numerous Free Trade Zones in UAE and almost every Free Zone offers a Manpower Supply License to the investors.

Expert Business Consultants at AURION will study your precise business requirements and advise the right Free Trade Zone for your company.

2. Choose the right Business Activity

The investor must choose the right Business Activity to add to the Trade License. It is important to choose the list of related business activities to Manpower Supply while applying for the Trade License.

3. Submit the Required Documents

To obtain the Manpower Supply Business License from the specific Free Zone authority, they must submit a few documents.

The investor must fill up an application form, and provide shareholder details, a passport-size photograph, a passport copy, a short business profile, etc., to the Free Zone authorities.

The investor must choose the right business activities and include the same in the application form. Also, submit the required supporting documents for review.

4. Take an Office Space

Look for the right office space available at the Free Trade Zone. There are different types of offices available in the Free Zones. Ranging from Shared Desk to Executive Offices, the Free Zones in UAE have a variety of Office Spaces.

Choose the right office space for your Manpower Supply Company and prepare the Tenancy Contract accordingly. Decide on the Visa Quota and minimum office area requirements before proceeding with office space for your company.

5. Make the Fee Payment

Depending on the chosen company package, business activities, office space facilities, etc., make the required fee payment to the Free Zone authority.

6. Obtain the Manpower Supply License

Collect the Manpower Supply Business License from the Free Zone authority and start operating the business in UAE without any hassle.

Our Expert Business Consultants at AURION will guide you with the Bank Account Opening as you receive the new Trade License.

Manpower Supply Company License in UAE

The Manpower Supply company License in UAE will allow the company to supply Manpower to other companies operating in UAE based on their project requirements or for a fixed time.

For example, companies in the cleaning services industry, real estate and construction, healthcare services, retail, facility Management, etc., will require staff for short-term projects or a specific duration of the contract.

Manpower Supply Company vs. Recruitment Consultancy in UAE

The Manpower Supply License is different from the Recruitment Consultancy License. The Recruitment Consultancy is mostly on matching the candidates with their employers for both short-term and long-term contracts.

The activities include interview preparations, facilitating interviews, conducting interviews, etc., for a Recruitment Consultancy

Manpower Supply Business

So, for Manpower Supply Companies, the type of employees or candidates are mostly blue-collar or skilled workers for assembly lines, staff in large food manufacturing plants, hospital cleaning staff, and more.

Also, there are also talented professionals in sales, software, customer service, hotel management, etc., that Manpower Supply companies provide to employers on a contract and full-time basis.

So, in a nutshell, there is immense opportunity in starting a Manpower Supply Company in UAE for the investor.

Connect with our expert Business Consultants right away to learn more about the steps in starting a Manpower Supply Company in the UAE.

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