Gaming License in UAE – Things to Know

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Gaming has immense potential in the UAE due to the internet penetration and long crowd. The global Gaming industry is expected to grow significantly. Gaming License in UAE will have high demand from the younger generation entrepreneurs who are venturing into the world of gaming and game development.

Game development and online gaming platforms in the UAE must have a valid business license. There are various subcategories for gaming licenses in the UAE. Gaming as a sector globally is expanding with many gaming companies launching games in various genres.

Gaming License in UAE – List of Business Activities

A few of the gaming activities include e-commerce through websites, gaming production services, gaming community management, etc. Gaming has evolved from PC-based gaming to Virtual Reality and advanced Graphic Gaming. There is a growing demand from the gaming community for new sophisticated gaming platforms and games.

Using the gaming license from the Free Trade Zones, the startup can indulge in gaming design and development. There are many related business activities under the gaming license category.

Also, they can provide community management solutions, social media management, marketing, electronic gaming card printing and management, and more. There are various business packages available for investors.

The gaming License in UAE is a business license category that is receiving significant traction as online gaming and general internet usage are growing in the region. There are game developers and gamers who wish to commercialize the gaming sector and launch new games and gaming-related services in the UAE.

Gaming License in UAE Free Zones

Few Free Zones in UAE offer Gaming License for entrepreneurs. The electronic gaming format has many growth opportunities. Startups and freelancers with gaming background can develop games and sell them using the gaming license. 

Furthermore, the gaming license from UAE Free Zones will help investors set up gaming platforms and kiosks in malls, and colleges, conduct events, etc., as part of the gaming services.

For gaming enthusiasts and Software Developers, the Free Zones of UAE provides various gaming License Packages. Mainly the Media-based Free Zone in Abu Dhabi twofour54 offers various gaming licenses to the investors. 

Similarly, the Sharjah Media City has a specialized gaming package for investors. RAKEZ is another major Free Zone that provides gaming licenses to investors. A few Free Zones in Dubai such as the IFZA, DAFZA, and DMCC offer gaming licenses.

There are a few additional documentation required for the approval of the gaming license in UAE. Our experienced Business Consultants will guide you through the right practices to apply for a gaming license in UAE.

Type of Gaming Licenses from RAKEZ Free Zone

RAKEZ Free Zone in Ras Al Khaimah offers entrepreneurs a wide variety of Gaming Licenses ranging from E-gaming, Gaming Production Services, to electronic Card wholesale.

The Free Zone covers an extensive list of gaming-related activities for investors. Entrepreneurs entering the gaming universe can take advantage of the wide range of business activities related to gaming, game development, and gaming community management.

1. E-Gaming License from RAKEZ

E-Gaming or Internet-based gaming license is a popular business license category. Entrepreneurs who want to include e-commerce selling through their website can go ahead with the E-Commerce through Website business activity from RAKEZ.

 Activity: E-Commerce Through Websites

Code: 4791018

2. Gaming Production Service License

Gaming Production is for gaming developers or gaming service providers who want to create games and sell the product or service using the internet or physical format.

The scope of gaming production is vast. It includes services such as audio development, audio management, casting and talent management services, tool development, voice recording, post-production, functional testing, user experience testing, and more.

Activity: Gaming Production Service Providers

Code: RAKEZ9000923

 3. Gaming Community Management

A company that wants to provide gaming community management solutions to gaming companies can avail of this business activity. The company can conduct business operations such as social media management, gaming forum management, content approval, social media reporting, etc.  

Activity: Gaming Community Management

Code: RAKEZ9000917

 4. Gaming Localization Services

A company involved in local language translation, cultural accuracy, and other local advertising support services, etc., can take this business activity.

Activity: Gaming – Localization Services

Code: RAKEZ9000921

5. E-Sports Organization

E-Sports Organization-based business activity is ideal for a company that wants to own or manage a professional E-Sports team or players.

Activity: E-sports Organization

Code: 100102

 6. Electronic Card Wholesale

Companies who want to re-sell electronic gaming cards, gaming membership cards, used in Kiosks, gaming centers, etc. The card will be electronically programmable to be used in gaming kiosks.

Activity: Electronic Card Wholesale

Code: 4652006

E-Gaming License Package from RAKEZ

RAKEZ has a special promotion package with an Executive Office for the Gaming Business Activity. The cost of the Gaming License Package from RAKEZ with an executive office and 6 Visa Quota is AED 154,140.

There are a few special requirements for the approval of the Gaming License from RAKEZ. The entrepreneur must provide a few additional documentation for the same. AURION’s business team will assist the investor in submitting the right documentation.

The following documentation is required for the Gaming License from RAKEZ.

  • Business brief to be verified and approved by the RAKEZ Media Zone Director
  • For Zero Visa Package eligibility – The Manager/investor must have a valid UAE Residence Visa

RAKEZ Gaming License Package – Things to know

For the entrepreneur to create, distribute, and manage the entire gaming-related sector, the investor would ideally require three trade licenses.

Firstly, the gaming license for game development and production. Then, for selling in e-commerce and online space, they would require an eCommerce license. Again to sell the gaming services and products in physical outlets or gaming centers, a trading license will be required for the investor.

Also, for the community and social media management aspect of gaming, a media license is required for the entrepreneur.

This is where the advantage of the RAKEZ Gaming License Package comes in. So, the gaming license from RAKEZ is an all-inclusive Gaming License package for investors and all the required trade licenses are added to the package.

Hence, for the entrepreneur to launch a full-fledged gaming service in UAE, the Gaming License from RAKEZ is the ideal choice.

Connect with our expert Business Consultants to learn more about the Gaming License in RAKEZ right away!

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