Register a Company in UAE from India – Things Investors must know

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UAE is a popular business hub for investors around the world. For Indians and entrepreneurs in India, UAE is the most preferred business destination. Registering a company in UAE from India is a relatively straightforward process.

However, there are many steps to it and must be handled the right way. There are various options for foreign investors to set up a company in UAE. Entrepreneurs can choose between the Free Zones and Mainland depending on their specific business requirements.

Register a Company in UAE from India

Business investors can take up the support of expert Business Consultants to carry out the company registration process in UAE.

There are certain steps involved in setting up a company in UAE. Aurion will assist investors to proceed with the company formation process and obtain the trade license at the earliest.

How Indian Investors can set up a company in UAE?

1. Trade Name confirmation and business activity Selection

The first step in obtaining the Trade License for the new company is getting the name approval. The investor must also select the right business activity and company license type.

2. Submit the required documents

The investor’s passport copy, photograph, business idea, and other shareholder details must be shared with the Business Consultants. They will coordinate with the licensing authority for the review and approvals.

Certain business activities will require special approval from the Free Zone and other Government Authorities.

3. Choose the Office space and location

Select the right office space and location for the business. Free Zones such as Meydan provide a No Objection Certificate to take an office space anywhere in Dubai. For Indian entrepreneurs to start a business in Dubai, Meydan Free Zone is a perfect choice.

Indian businessmen can easily setup a business in Dubai Mainland by obtaining the NOC and Trade License from the Meydan Free Zone. In the mainland of Dubai, they can take their desired office space in any of the business centers available to keep the business setup cost low.

Aurion will help in preparing the tenancy contract and other related documentation for the office. By making the office rent payment for 1 year (renewable) they can operate the company seamlessly from the office location.

4. Obtain the Trade License and Company Documents

After paying the fee for the rent and trade license, obtain the company documents along with the Trade License.

UAE Company setup for Indians

The Trade License is the legal document for conducting business in the UAE. All company communications of the company with stakeholders will have the Trade License as the document of reference.

5. Apply for a UAE residence Visa

Once the investor receives the Trade License, the investor can proceed to apply for the UAE Residence Visa.

The investor can obtain a 3-year visa and employees can get a 2-year visa tenure. It is renewable for the same tenure depending on the requirements.

6. Open a Corporate Bank Account

The investors are also eligible to open a corporate Bank Account for the newly set up company in UAE. There is a wide network of Domestic and International Banks in UAE offering various business solutions and personal investment solutions for the investors.

Bank Account for Indians

Benefits for Indian Investors from setting up a company in UAE

For Indian Investors setting up a company in UAE has numerous benefits. UAE is a business hub that connects the European markets with the Asian Markets.

Also, the growing ex-pat population creates an enormous demand for all kinds of products and services. It is a profitable market location for Indian investors to expand and register an office space.

Multiple Benefits for Indian Investors from Company Setup in UAE

  1. Grow Business Internationally
  2. Avail Lower Taxation on Business Profits
  3. Focus on Local UAE Market
  4. Global Connectivity
  5. Four Hour Flight Time
  6. Access to more than 2Billion Population
  7. Easy Company Formation and Visa Processing
  8. Purchase Property in UAE
  9. Transparent Government and Legal Entities
  10. Zero Crime Rate and Safety
  11. Advanced Business Infrastructure
  12. Improved Social Life

So in a nutshell, there are numerous business benefits for the investors in setting up a company in UAE. Also, UAE is a perfect choice for settling down for business owners with their families.

The real estate sector in the country is constantly offering high-return investment opportunities. UAE has some of the best ultra luxurious as well as affordable properties for investors to purchase.

Documents Required for Indian Investors to Set up a Company in UAE

For the Indian Investors to set up a company in UAE there is very minimal documentation required. The investor has to initially provide 3 choices for the trade name and select the required business license, business activity, and jurisdiction.

The shareholder’s passport copy, photograph, business plan, and shareholder CV must be provided to the Business Consultant for obtaining the Trade License and other company documents from the licensing authorities.

Opening a Branch/ Subsidiary of an Indian Company in the UAE

An existing Indian Company having an active business network in India can set up a branch or subsidiary of their Indian Company in UAE.

There are a few additional documents required to register an Indian company’s branch in UAE. The Indian Parent Company documents such as the Incorporation Certificate, Good Standing Certificate, Trade License, Memorandum of Association, etc., will be required as proof of stating the existence of the parent company in India.

Subsidiary of Indian Company in UAE.

The Indian Company’s document must be attested by the UAE Embassy in India and Counter Attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE.

Once the attestation is obtained, the branch company registration process can be initiated in UAE with the help of an expert Business Consultant such as Aurion.

Can I start a company in UAE from India without my physical presence?

Yes, of course, you can start a company in UAE from India without the physical presence. All the company formation procedures can be completed online with the assistance of expert Business Consultants such as AURION.

Physical presence will be required for the Medical Examination for the UAE residence Visa purpose and bank accounting opening. Aurion’s professional consultants will handle all your business requirements with utmost precision and notify the investors about the status.

They can then plan the trip to Dubai for processing the residence visa and open a bank account for the company. All the procedures related to the company formation until obtaining the trade license and office keys will be handled by AURION without any requirement for the investor to be present in UAE.

Cost of Company Registration in UAE?

The Cost of Company Registration in the UAE varies depending on factors such as business jurisdiction, location, office space requirements, and more.

For Free Zone company registration in Dubai, the cost starts from AED 11,900 for a Zero visa quota company. Similarly, to set up a mainland Limited Liability company, the cost starts from AED 20,000 for a services license.

There are various choices available for investors when it comes to setting up a company in UAE. Entrepreneurs can choose from 40 plus Free Trade Zones and Mainland of UAE depending on their specific business requirements.

It is advisable to seek business advice from an expert Business Consultant for setting up a company in UAE. Especially for Indian investors who are new to the UAE Market, business consultants will guide them the right way.

To know more about how an Indian Investor can set up a company in UAE, reach out to our expert Business Consultants.

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