5 Strategic Industry Sectors Ideal for Foreign Direct Investment in the UAE

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UAE is a focal point for foreign direct investment in the UAE. There are few strategic industry sectors in the region that supports the overall growth of the country.

Also, there is immense growth potential in the country and the business landscape of UAE is quite promising with many businesses waiting to venture into several high-value projects.

The technological advancements are driving huge business growth in the region. Additionally, they open up new opportunities for many businesses in the feild of healthcare, aviation, shipping, tourism, and more.

So, here are few of the upcoming Industry Sectors in UAE for Foreign Direct Investment. These are industries are expected to be the future of UAE and drive growth.

1. Healthcare sector in UAE

The Healthcare sector in Dubai is going through a technology transformation with a key focus on research and development.

The healthcare and Pharma sectors in UAE have displayed a remarkable level of readiness in facing the Covid-19. The efficient way of tackling the patients at the hospital as well as the drive-in test centers helped UAE to contain the pandemic.

Growing Confidence in the UAE Healthcare Sector

Along with the efforts from the front line staff at health centers and the National Disaster & Recovery Unit, the national sterilization drive helped a long way in combating the virus in the UAE.

Also, the medical research facilities and healthcare infrastructure in the UAE are all set for tackling the virus. Furthermore, UAE has the support systems like ICU units, makeshift hospitals, ventilators, PPEs, and testing kits in place to keep things under control.

Industry Sectors in UAE
5 Sectors in UAE Ideal for Foreign Investment

Investments in Healthcare and Pharma sector

In the UAE, government investments in healthcare accounted for around USD 15 billion in 2018. The private sector healthcare spending is set to grow at a CAGR of 9.5% from 2018 to 2022.

Similarly, Foreign Direct investments into healthcare, pharma, and medical equipment sectors over the past five years are seeing an enormous spike. Also, the FDI in this sector is having a valuation of about AED 3.82 Billion (2015-2020). So, the FDI investment, more healthcare services, medical equipment trading and manufacturing units will be set up in UAE.

So, Medical Research facilities and healthcare centers are given high priority by the UAE government. Also, it will help in elevating the medical standards of the region and convert UAE into a popular medical tourism destination in the Middle East.

2. Aviation Sector in the UAE

The Airports of UAE, especially Dubai Airport have become the prime infrastructure to power economic growth in the region. UAE is investing significantly in the aviation sector, with the state-owned Emirates Airlines and the airport infrastructure on the key focus.

Dubai is a strategic location and the airports and seaports facilitate trade and transfer of people between the east and west as well as the north and the south.

Airports Expansion, Technology Adoption, and Promoting Trade

The Airport expansions and equipping them with the newest technologies is a continuous and essential process. Additionally, to maintain a competitive advantage as a leading global aviation hub, UAE is investing heavily in the aviation sector.

So, efforts are focused on building the infrastructure for providing sufficient air space capacity to meet travel and Airline parking demand.

Airport Free Zones in the UAE Facilitating Trade and Supporting Economy

Additionally, investments are channelized for implementing essential technological advancements to facilitate smooth passenger and goods movement through the airports

With the opening of the new airport near Dubai South, the Al Maktoum International Airport. It has added additional capacity to handle the growing passenger traffic and space for halting aircraft. These free zones are also ideal for taking an Air Cargo Business License in UAE.

Aviation has been the heart of UAE’s economic transformation, the airport free zones are set up to promote business opportunities and seamless trade and business set up to support economic growth

3. Shipping Sector in UAE

Dubai is investing heavily in the shipping sector, with the Dubai Maritime City Authority and the Jebel Ali Port driving a significant volume of trade operations and managing international shipping lines.

The value of UAE’s investments in the ports and marine industries sector exceeded USD 66 billion between 2014 and 2017. The amount of cargo handled by UAE ports is increasing on a year-on-year basis and was worth USD 3.2 billion as of 2017.

Shipping Sector in UAE
UAE’s Investment in Shipping, Ports & Marine Infrastructure

Shipping is a Major Support System for Trade and Export Business in UAE

UAE plays an active role in bringing in significant foreign investment to the region and the shipping sector is one of the major lifelines to support the UAE economy. Dubai is in constant effort to connect aviation, shipping, and road transport to create a transport link that will help in seamlessly transporting goods across the UAE and overseas.

The free zones and mainland trading companies, warehouses, distributors, other logistic and freight forwarding and shipping companies are the ecosystems that make up the overall shipping and logistics network in UAE

4. Tourism Sector in UAE

As part of Dubai’s efforts to boost tourism and investment in the region, Dubai is setting up 50 regional offices across the world. An AED 1 billion fund and plans for subsidized housing for entrepreneurs are to be launched to target new areas of opportunity and move ahead with the non-oil dependent sectors.

Low-Cost Tourism Infrastructure and Entrepreneur Support

Also, build a future economy focused on low-cost tourism infrastructure. UAE is planning for building an economic research center, incubators, and accelerators and space for entrepreneurs in the tourism sector to grow their business.

Covid-19 has hit hard the tourism industry; however, it can be seen as a short-term slow down. Once the international borders are open and airlines start flying, the tourism sector will bounce back. Dubai has some of the world’s best hotels and travel destinations in the world.

Many tourism infrastructure projects are scheduled in the coming years. It includes the completion of hotels, hotel apartments, amusement parks, etc. Dubai is aiming to welcome the tourists in full-fledge once the pandemic situation eases and travel restrictions will be lifted.

5. Real Estate Sector in UAE

Real Estate sector is the face of Dubai. The property rental yields in Dubai are higher than the other popular financial markets such as New York, London, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

With a multitude of real estate projects completed such as the iconic Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Dubai International Airport, Palm Jeremiah, and more, the city is in a continuous development phase. With the Government-funded infrastructure projects in line and more real estate project investments sanctioned, real estate investment in Dubai is one of the major support systems for the UAE economy.

The stable political situation in UAE, world-class lifestyle, business opportunities, tourism, and shopping areas make it a perfect choice for ex-pats to settle. Dubai has one of the world’s best luxury residential properties. Recently Dubai is also building districts that are focusing on affordable living too with attractive financing options.

The absence of a property tax makes it a lucrative choice when compared to other global destinations.

Most Attractive Real Estate Investment Options in UAE

  • Purchasing a residential property in Dubai
  • Purchasing a commercial property in a freehold mainland area and renting it out
  • Buying commercial and hospitality facilities and taking the franchise for operating hotels and resorts
  • Starting a real estate investment firm in the mainland or the free zones

Hence, in a nutshell, Dubai is an investment hotbed with a huge business opportunity across the core industry sectors as well as other niche sectors. Depending on your business expertise, and domain knowledge it is very easy to secure a business license and channel your investments in Dubai as per your interest.

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