Reverse migration from the UK, US, and Canada to the UAE – What to Know?

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UAE is an investor’s paradise and there are numerous business opportunities in the ever-expanding landscape of the country. In the recent times, UAE is witnessing a pattern of reverse migration from countries such as the UK, the US, and Canada.

This article highlights the reasons why many business entrepreneurs and individuals are moving back to the UAE from other countries. 

UAE has a diverse business ecosystem with super-efficient government, business-friendly policies, top-notch public safety, a luxurious lifestyle, and more. It is a hub for business professionals, millionaires, job seekers, and more. 

Why Choose UAE for Reverse Migration?

Lately, UAE is receiving back many of its previous residents who have moved to Canada, the US, and other countries for different reasons. Many of them are returning to the UAE to make it their permanent home. There are many reasons for the reverse migration. 

The most important reasons are the high taxes, rising prices of commodities, rent, property prices, and dwindling business opportunities. UAE’s business landscape is very mature now with almost 45 plus Free Trade Zones and the Department of Economy of the seven Emirates supporting the business growth. 

Reverse Migration to UAE

Also, there are numerous reasons why UAE is the perfect choice for business professionals and individuals who are seeking greener pastures for them to settle down with long-term goals.

The growing business opportunities, technology adoption, large addressable audience, business-friendly policies, Free Trade Zones, Golden Visas, easy property purchase, favorable taxation policies, and more. 

Common Reasons for Reverse Migration from Canada, the UK, and the US

The higher taxation rates are the major factor that is making the residents in Canada, the UK, etc., move to the UAE. Furthermore, the cost of living, rent expenses, cost of purchasing a property, good health care access, etc., are a few more reasons to look for a haven for many business professionals and entrepreneurs. 

Additionally, the long winters and lack of business opportunities to expand are another major concern. The addressable market in developed countries such as Canada, the US, UK are becoming more price-conscious. Also, the consumer market is being hit hard by inflation. 

Furthermore, job opportunities are also becoming stagnant, and the government is finding it challenging to manage the large influx of migrants through various pathways. Educational institutions are also experiencing a downfall due to a lack of job opportunities for graduates.

Why are previous UAE Residents Returning?

Expats from India, Pakistan, and other South Asian Countries come to the UAE for short-term work on work visas. They mostly come and work for a period of 2 to 5 years for a company and return to their home country or migrate to countries such as Canada, the UK, etc. 

These expats who were once residents of the UAE are now considering coming back to the UAE to settle down here. It is due to the growing business opportunities in UAE and Asian Countries. Dubai real estate is growing at a fast pace and there is an enormous growth opportunity for real estate in the UAE. The country can expand to the sea and the desert. 

Dubai real estate

So, expats and nationals living in countries such as Canada, the UK, and the US are investing heavily in properties in the UAE. They can benefit from the rental income and as well enjoy the numerous lifestyle options, business reach, and social life in the country.

Additionally, the residents living in Canada pay almost 40-50% of their income as taxes. On top of that, the lifestyle is simple, and day-to-day expenses are very high. On the contrary, in the UAE, there is no personal income tax.

Also, the lifestyle and accessible services in UAE are top-class. Public transport, public safety, e-Governance, digital banking, and more. 

A millionaire’s paradise – United Arab Emirates 

UAE has become the favorite investment destination for all from around the world. More than 1,500 millionaires have moved from the UK to Dubai in the past decade, and the numbers are just going to increase in the coming years.

Dubai, UAE continues to maintain its appeal as an attractive destination for the wealthy. British billionaires may be attracted to the UAE because of financial services, healthcare, oil and gas, real estate, technology, etc. 

foreigners to UAE

Travel and tourism are very strong sectors that attract foreigners to the UAE. Along with that, the economic diversity of the region makes it a perfect choice for entrepreneurs. The Financial District in Dubai (DIFC), the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC), the Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA), etc., are world-class Free Trade Zones for entrepreneurs to easily launch and expand their businesses in the UAE. 

Additionally, the UAE has some of the most competitive tax rates in the world, along with Bermuda and Monaco. “The UAE has a world-class healthcare system and many expats choose to receive treatment there.” It is a safe place with a low crime rate and beautiful beaches.

Business Implication for UAE from Reverse Migration

There are many business benefits for the UAE from the Reverse Migration of its previous residents. It will contribute positively to the growth of the economy. There will be more real estate investments and new business registrations in the UAE.

The entrepreneurs and their families will settle in the UAE, they will enroll in the schools and universities in UAE. They will experience the vibrant city lifestyle of Dubai and natural locations of Ras Al Khaimah and more. 

Additionally, for expats from Asia, the UAE is always close to their hearts as it is a shorter flight to see their loved ones back home in India, Pakistan, etc. So, these expats will purchase property in the UAE and bring in their loved ones, they will travel to their home country together, etc.

Furthermore, the new company registrations from residents from Canada, the UK, and the US will boost the overall business landscape of the UAE.

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