How to get a Beauty Salon Business License in UAE?

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Beauty Salon business is a popular business license category in the UAE. Generally, in UAE there is utmost importance for personal grooming and gaining a status quo. By applying for a Beauty Saloon Business License in UAE the investors can start operating a Salon in the region.

Also, Beauty Salons are becoming increasingly popular because in the business and work front; grooming is an important aspect.

As physical meetings are still preferred by many of the business personnel in the country, Beauty salons in the UAE are most preferred by residents in the region. This article highlights the steps to get a Beauty Salon Business License in UAE.

Beauty Salon business license in dubai

Even though the digital infrastructure is very advanced, physical meetings are a part of the UAE culture as well. So creating a first impression is very essential to pitching a deal on the business side. 

Similarly, during job interviews, work-related meetings, meetings with Government officials or other delegates, public functions, trade shows, etc., to create an impression, physical grooming is a crucial aspect in the region. Hence, there is immense potential for a Salon business to prosper in the country.

Additionally, the growing younger population is constantly in the process of meeting people to pitch ideas, close deals, and attend job interviews and other meetings. So, for them to groom and look good, they rely on the salons near their residence.

Opening a Beauty Salon Business in UAE – Things to Know

There are a few things the salon owner must keep in mind before opening a Beauty Salon Business in the UAE. The most important aspect is the location of the salon. It must located in a busy residential area which has a fair footfall and ideally lesser competition around. 

Furthermore, the target audience is another crucial element. Which gender to cater for – Gents Ladies, or Unisex saloons?  Also, what are services to cover? These parameters will differentiate the salon from its competitors.

Salon Business License in UAE

There are various specialized services that a Salon offers ranging from hair styling, personal grooming, facials, pedicure, manicure, and more. To stand out from the competition, differentiation is a vital component.

The Salon must adapt to the latest trends in the fashion world as well as meet the requirements of the customers. Additionally, on the business front, the salon owner must consider the rent – one of the major expenses.

Then comes furnishing of the saloon interiors, the equipment and accessories, marketing costs, etc., which adds up to expenses to set up a Salon business in UAE. 

Steps involved in opening a Salon Business in UAE

There are various steps involved in opening a Salon Business in the UAE. To start with it is deciding on the business jurisdiction. A Beauty Salon business can be open ideally on the mainland of UAE and an area where the maximum population resides.

A Free Zone is not an ideal choice for a salon, however, if any import-export operations are required, having a Free Zone is a good option. Import Export of private labels of shampoos, soaps, and accessories under the tradename. However, a separate trade license is required for the same. 

1. Choosing a Tradename

Choosing a Tradename is an important step in the opening of a beauty salon business in UAE. The tradename can be trademark registered in the future to maintain brand identity and credibility. The Tradename will appear in the Trade License of the salon in UAE.

So, after confirming the Tradename, select the business activities related to salon and personal care to include in the Trade License. Salon business falls under the services license category in the UAE. After finalizing the business activities and Tradename, apply for initial approval from the respective Economic Department of the Emirate. 

2. Taking a Retail Space 

Furthermore, taking a retail space is essential for the salon business. Also, furnishing the interiors and getting the required supplies for providing haircutting and other related personal grooming services. Hence, the owner must prepare a tenancy contract for their shop. 

Salon Business License

Aurion will provide the necessary assistance to the salon owner to get the shop of his desire at the lowest cost and with reduced paperwork. Once the tenancy agreement is in place, submit the tenancy agreement and other shareholder details to the Department of Economic Development of the specific Emirates.

There will be an inspection from the municipality and respective departments to ensure all safety features of the premises are in place.

3. Obtaining the Salon Business License 

After the inspection, the municipality will provide a clearance certification to the Economic Department. Also, all other details regarding the shareholder must be submitted to the DED for review. 

Upon making the fee payment, the Department of Economic Development will review the documents and approvals and will issue the trade license for the salon owner. Now, the salon owner can legally start their business operation in the region.

Business Scope for a Salon in Dubai

In Dubai, there is an immense opportunity for opening a Salon. There are various categories of Salons in Dubai. It ranges from small salons to franchises, to large boutique salons Also, it caters to a diverse audience base. 

There are always large business events, trade shows, weddings, parties, award shows, etc, and the attendees to look good will be visiting the salons and boutiques. Hence, there is a growing requirement for a salon business in the region.

There are several requirements that the salon owner must keep in mind when they take the retail space. A few of the mandatory installations for the salon premises are the following

  • Signboard with the trade name 
  • Ample lighting, hygienic seating layout, open layout with privacy walls
  • Multi-purpose washbasin for hair cleansing, facial treatments, etc.
  • Fire insulation and proofing for areas prone to fire disaster
  • Electric geysers and storage units to keep electrical gadgets and other types of equipment
  • Chair, other furniture, accessories, and supplies 

There is municipality approval required for salon businesses before they start business operations. The authorities will inspect to ensure the safety and other installations and in place the right way.

Aurion will help in setting up the Beauty Salon Business in Dubai in the most cost-effective way. Connect with our expert team of Business Consultants right away!


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