How to get an Event Management License in Dubai?

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The Events and Entertainment Sector in Dubai is witnessing heavy growth in business. More exhibitions, events, concerts, and business meets are lined up in Dubai for the coming years. So, taking an Event Management License in Dubai is a win-win for the investor to tap the upcoming market opportunities.

There is immense potential for an Event Management Company in Dubai. Having an Event Management License will help in hosting several mega events in prime locations of Dubai.

Dubai is always at the forefront when it comes to celebrations and events. The Expo 2020 was a huge success with more than 20 million visitors coming to Dubai over six months. Dubai will be the center stage for more exhibitions and expos in the future.

Event Management in Dubai – Things to know

Big Brands, Media Houses, Movie Companies, and Businesses, are always on the lookout for a dynamic Event Management Company in Dubai for hosting and managing their shows in the city.

The City offers a top-class infrastructure for hosting mega-events. The Expo 2020 venue, the Dubai World Trade Center Halls, The Coco-Cola Arena, Etisalat Ground, Al Nasr Stadium, etc., host multi-starter entertainment, sports, and business events for almost every month in a year.

Event Management License in Dubai

So, an Event Management Company is a profitable and attractive business sector to dive into for entrepreneurs. Especially, for professionals who have experience in the event management field, there is no other good time to get an event management license in Dubai.

They can seamlessly start operating their company in Dubai with the help of Aurion. Our team will guide you in the complete process of obtaining an Event Management License in Dubai for your new company.

Why Choose Dubai For Setting up an Event Management Company?

Dubai is the right place for setting up an Event Management Company. There is immense demand for Event Management Services in the city. For companies looking to conduct corporate events, company meetings, roadshows, trade shows, entertainment programs, etc., it is best to outsource the event management and operations to an expert company.

It will help in avoiding mistakes and losing reputation in the public for the company. The event management company will be professional in managing and conducting the complete event effectively. Dubai provides some of the best venues for conducting events. Also, the setting up process of an event management company is easier and more cost-effective in Dubai.

Where to Set up an Event Management Company in Dubai?

The Event Management Company can be set up in either of the business jurisdictions – The Free Trade Zones or the Mainland. There is no mandatory requirement of having an office space for starting an Event Management Company.

However, to gain a reputation and connect with high-profile clients and corporates in the UAE. It is best advisable to take up an office space in a strategic location in the Mainland of Dubai or any of the Free Trade Zones.

Event Management License in UAE

There is 100% foreign ownership in the Mainland of Dubai, and the Event Management License can be obtained from the Dubai Economy and Tourism Department. Alternatively, the business owner can also set up their event management company in the Free Zones of Dubai.

Either way, the business owner must apply for an electronic Permit to conduct an event in Dubai. The permit can be obtained online from the Dubai Tourism Commercial Marketing (DTCM). The details of the event, organizer, venue confirmation letter, audience size, event details, etc., must be communicated with the authorities.

Benefits of starting an event management company in Dubai

Obtaining an Event management License in Dubai is a hassle-free process and involves minimal approvals. The business owner has to apply for a management license (Services) with the Free Zone or the Mainland of Dubai.

They must choose the right business activities that can be added to the event management service license.  Expert Business Consultants at AURION will coordinate the complete process of setting up an event management company in Dubai.

The business owner can easily start their business operations with minimal business investment. They can start with small business meetups, office parties, corporate events, etc., and then expand their reach.

Dubai’s Event Management Infrastructure and Support System

Dubai has the best infrastructure to host any kind of event. Depending on the event size, there are numerous venues in the city. There is no requirement of having an office space, the business owner can coordinate the events from anywhere they are available.

The availability of support systems such as logistics, photography, stage decor, music system renting, media coverage, etc., are commendable. It will help the event management company to deliver enhanced client experience seamlessly.

Also, Dubai has the best crowd for events of any size. There are multinational audiences with diverse interests in the city. So, it is a perfect place to host gala events, musical nights, award shows, etc., on a large scale.

Cost of Setting up an Event Management Company in Dubai?

The Cost of Setting up an Event Management Company in Dubai varies from around AED 14,900 to AED 20,000. The Free Zones in Dubai offer a Single Visa quota event management company license starting from AED 14,900.

Similarly, for the Mainland in Dubai, a single-owner event management license cost will be around AED 20,000.  Depending on the visa requirement, office rent, etc., the cost of setting up an event management company will vary.

Event Management Company in Dubai

The steps involved in obtaining the Event Management License in Free Zones and Mainland are almost similar. The process starts with choosing the business activities and trade name. Then, select the business jurisdiction – Free Zone or Mainland.

Submit the business owner’s passport copy and photograph, and make the fee payment for obtaining the Event Management License in Dubai.

The licensing authority will review the application and issue the Event management License to the business owner. Now, they can legally conduct business in the UAE.

Depending on the event’s calendar, apply for the e-Permit from

(DTCM). The permit is necessary for conducting an event in Dubai for the public.

To learn more about starting an Event Management Company in UAE, connect with our expert team right away!


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