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IT Company License in UAE – How to Start an IT Services Company in UAE?

IT Company License in UAE has an ever-growing demand as the IT Services requirement from organizations across all major industry sectors is at peak levels. IT Services is a vital requirement for all organizations that rely on Information Technology for running daily business operations.
Driven by the demand for IT Services in UAE; start-ups and entrepreneurs are venturing into the IT services business to offer specialized IT Services for organizations in UAE.

How Businesses are Transforming into ‘New Normal’ in Dubai?

UAE is aiming to embrace the forecasted business growth for 2021 leaving the past year where the Pandemic created havoc in the world. Businesses are back to Normal following strict Covid-19 Protocols.
There is growing market confidence due to the launch of the Stimulus package initiated by the UAE Government and Central Bank. Also, with the availability of Vaccines to curb the spread of the Pandemic, the business scenario in UAE is showing a positive outlook in 2021.