How to Start a Transport Company in Dubai?

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Transport Company License in Dubai is an attractive business license in Dubai. The Emirate is bustling with trade activities 24/7. The transportation business is the lifeline for the city. There is an immense opportunity to start a Transport Company in Dubai.

The Cost of a Transport Company License in Dubai starts from AED 28,000 in the Dubai Mainland. Transport companies in Dubai act as the transport providers for many businesses and individuals in Dubai.

A Transport Company in Dubai can be registered in either a Free Trade Zone or the Mainland of Dubai. As the Transportation requirements are mostly within the UAE and often to other GCC Countries such as Oman, Saudi Arabia, etc.; registering a mainland transport company in Dubai will be the right choice.

Where to get a Transport Company License in Dubai?

A transport Company License in Dubai is best to be obtained from the Dubai Economy and Tourism Department. The companies operating in the Transportation sector in Dubai will require special approvals from the Road Transport Authority.

Depending on the nature of the business, transportation route, vehicle in use, etc., the specific permit and approval must be obtained from Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority and Dubai Municipality.

Transport Company License in Dubai

There are various types of transportation-related activities that the transportation company can undertake using the Transport Company License in Dubai. The business owners can get into long-term contracts for vehicle management, fleet management contracts, heavy-duty vehicle management, and more.

What is a Transport Company in Dubai?

A Transport company in Dubai is an entity involved in transporting people and goods from one place to another. In Dubai, there are various types of road transportation services available for the business owner to start a business.

Based on the chosen business activity, the business owner must get vehicle permit approvals from the authorities such as the RTA in Dubai, National Transport Authority for inter-emirates and GCC country permits, Dubai Municipality Approvals for cold storage and refrigeration units, etc.

Transport Company in Dubai

The Transport Company is involved in numerous activities ranging from people transportation, logistics scheduling, operations management, packaging, re-packaging, etc., depending on the scope of the company operations.

So, the required business activities must be added to the company’s trade license to conduct business in the specific sector. For example, the Transport Company dealing with Car rentals and fleet management must have Car Rental Management as an activity in their trade license.

Transport Company License in Dubai – Steps

To start a Transport Company in UAE, the investor must follow the below steps. The most important aspect of getting a Transport Company License in Dubai is choosing the business jurisdiction and the required business activities.

For transport companies who are mainly focused on delivering services within the UAE mainland and GCC Countries, the best choice is to open a Mainland Transporting Company in Dubai. Free Zones seem to be not a feasible option for transport companies due to office and land availability and the company setup cost.

So, the Dubai Mainland will be most cost-effective as the transport company will require a warehouse or land area for parking their fleet of vehicles when not in operation. Also, the Warehouse facility can act as a maintenance centre for inspecting the fleet vehicles after every trip.

Steps in Obtaining the Transport Company License in Dubai

To obtain the Transport Company License from the Dubai Mainland, the business owner must first register their trade name and get the initial approval. They must also choose the list of business activities, and submit the business owner’s passport copy and photograph to Dubai Economy.

Once the business activities and submitted documents are approved, the Dubai Economy will issue the Transport Company Trade License for the individuals. Now, the business owner can look for the right office space and warehouse facility for the transport company.

The business owner can apply for an investor visa and sponsor employees, apply for a corporate bank account, and more. The Transport Company License in Dubai will enable them to acquire a fleet of vehicles to expand their business reach and gain more transport contracts.

Benefits of Transport License in Dubai

For business owners, there are many benefits to starting a Transport Company in Dubai. They can easily obtain a Transport Company License in Dubai from the Mainland. All they have to do is submit the required documents and apply for special permits depending on their specific business activity.

Many Transport Companies in the UAE are looking for ways to gain long-term transport contracts from large engineering and construction companies. It will allow them to transport laborers from work sites to their camps.

Transport Company License in UAE

Similarly, there are many large manufacturing companies, Airlines, and IT Service providers where the employee size is large. Transporting them to work and back home is a lucrative business contract for transport companies.

Again, there are large tour companies that handle multiple tours, and transporting them around Dubai and the UAE is another stream of revenue for transport companies. So, there is a large business and individual audience that form an addressable base for a transport company in UAE.

Transport Company in UAE and Business Growth

The business growth potential for a Transport Company in the UAE is enormous. All the business owner has to do is to get a Transport company license in Dubai. The Mainland of Dubai offers the most comprehensive trade license package for the transport company.

After acquiring the transport company license from the Dubai Economy, the business owner can prepare the tenancy agreement for the office space and warehouse unit for their new transport company.

The Warehouses are mostly located in the industrial area sectors of Al Quoz and Al Qusais in Dubai. It is the perfect location to set your base for a transport company. Starting a Transport Company is a lucrative business investment in Dubai as there is a growing demand for reliable transport providers in the region.

Be it large trucks, buses, Mini Vans, Luxury limos, Rental fleets, or heavy equipment transports, everything can be easily maintained as numerous workshops around the industrial area specialize in the repair and maintenance of a wide range of vehicles.

Hence, it will help in keeping the expenses low to a great extent. Also, the warehouse will help to keep the vehicles maintained well during rest times.

So, to start a transport company in Dubai, feel free to connect with our expert team right away!


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